Tea Party Action Alert – Debt Ceiling Vote Today 6:30 PM

We received word this morning that the House will be holding a clean vote on raising the debt ceiling at 6:30 PM this evening.  We need your help to make sure this does not pass the House!

2. Fax – Fax your Representative and tell them to vote NO on the raising of the debt ceiling.  You can find their fax number here.
3. FaceBook – Go to you Representative’s FaceBook page and comment on their page telling them to vote NO on raising the debt ceiling.  Search for their FaceBook page here.
4. Twitter – Tweet your Representative and tell them to vote NO on the raising of the debt ceiling.  Search here for their Twitter name and then send the following tweet to them: I urge you to vote NO on raising the debt ceiling.
The US Treasury brings in enough revenue to service our debt.  The politicians in Washington just want to raise the debt ceiling so that they will not have to make the tough decisions they were sent there to make.
The fact is that we have a spending problem, we do not have a revenue problem!
We should be asking them, “What is the point of having a debt ceiling if you continue to raise the ceiling?”
The time is here for us to hold them accountable.  We cannot let them do this on our watch.  Please call and tell them NO!
After you have taken the steps to contact your Congressman, please send this to your circle of influence and have them do the same.
We need all hands on deck today!
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