2012 potential Jon Huntsman to avoid Iowa over Ethanol Subsides

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Every four years I watch the parade of candidates go to Iowa tout their faith in Jesus and talk up ethanol and farm subsidies.  The same conservatives who talk about cutting the Federal Budget and making government more reflective of the constitution.  In Iowa, some form of dementia  sets in and the candidates, with their baptist preacher look,  tell the must have Iowa caucus that they love Farmers and Jesus and would never forsake them in Washington.

One should be aware that the winner of the Iowa Caucuses is not a shoe in for the Presidency.  Maybe Potential the  Candidate is aware of this and has decided to skip the state altogether and not make those promises that has kept the GOP in hot water with many who feel Farm subsidies especially those from Corn should be put on the chopping block.  Republicans are free market economy folks after all, right?

Huntsman is going to make more of an effort in New Hampshire and South Carolina.  Maybe Huntsman is not going to sell out to Farmers in Iowa.  That would be a breath of fresh air and from a Public Relations standpoint, give Huntsman some much needed name recognition.

South Carolina afterall, for Republicans,  is really the state that picks the Nominee and most real candidates are aware that.

This fromThe Note

Jon Huntsman has kicked off his three-day, eleven-stop tour of New Hampshire this weekend to appeal to voters in the state holding the nation’s first primary.

Voters in Iowa, on the other hand, will not be awarded the same face time.

“I’m not competing in Iowa for a reason. I don’t believe in subsidies that prop up corn, soybeans and ethanol,”Huntsman said, according to multiple news sources at the event.

Huntsman, the former ambassador to China, continued, “I think they destroy the global marketplace…. We probably won’t be spending a whole lot of time in Iowa. I guess I understand how the politics work there.”

Huntsman’s decision to avoid the Hawkeye state stands in direct contrast with presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, who is also decisively anti-ethanol. Pawlenty is logging countless hours in Iowa, petitioning voters one-by-one to support his campaign.

At last night’s Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington DC, Pawlenty said, “There’s people who say, ‘you know Tim, if you tell the truth as you’re running for president, you may lose an election.’ I’m afraid that if we don’t tell the truth we’re going to lose our country.”

“When I started my campaign, I went to the all-important state of Iowa and said even for people in Iowa there’s some real truths we’re going to have to tell. That means we’re going to have to phase out the ethanol subsidies,” said Pawlenty.

Read the full story at  Jon Huntsman avoiding Iowa ‘For A Reason’ – The Note.

Jon Huntsman To Skip Iowa

Of course, as I noted just two weeks ago, opposition to ethanol subsidies isn’t keeping Tim Pawlenty away from the Hawkeye State so, Huntsman reasoning strikes me as more than a little disingenuous. Huntsman isn’t going to win Iowa, that’s why he’s skipping the state, apparently in the belief that he can do well elsewhere (I honestly don’t see it). This is probably the beginning of a long, drawn out process where Huntsman will announce he’s running, campaign for a few months, and then drop out when he realizes he has no chance. Perhaps he’ll show up on someone’s short list for Vice-President, perhaps he’ll run in 2016. In either case, the idea that Huntsman is a player in 2012 is silly.

No word on the reaction from Huntsman’s Iowa supporter.

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There may be another candidate who follows suit –

Pawlenty calls for end of ethanol subsidies — in Iowa

Ed touched on this earlier, I know, but it deserves a post of its own. Man, if the “boring” candidate in the race is willing to be this bold in front of the hometown crowd, I can’t imagine what the “exciting” candidates will do.

The early read on this move is that it’s a smart play for him politically. I agree with that — from a macro standpoint. But there are people who will tell you that Pawlenty has no chance if he doesn’t finish strong in Iowa, in which case … is his campaign now DOA?

via Video: Pawlenty calls for end of ethanol subsidies — in Iowa « Hot Air.

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