You Choose: Focus on Anthony Weiner, Defocus on the 2012 Election

Editors Note By Albert N. Milliron

Congressman Anthony Weiner was a Democratic rock star not unlike the Young Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.  He was sure to be a shoe in for Mayor of New York City and even had some folks looking at him as a Democratic version of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

All that changed in a Flash, literally a flash of a camera that posted a view for all to see of a portion of a Congressman most are not interested in seeing.

Weiner had a way with making proposed government cuts by Republicans look comical and ineffectual.  He often took to the floor and made fun of the GOP attempts to kill NPR’s Car Talk or sacrificing Big Bird.  He was fun to watch, even if you sat on the other side of the issues.

Maybe that is the reason right-wing blogs and commentators took so much joy watching him come down as news of his Twitter Sexting, phone sex, and chatting up a porn star came to light over the weekend.

Having a last name like ‘Weiner’ must have been an issue for him his entire life, and for  those who like to use word play had a field day.  Political Pundits became political punsters and the hits just kept on coming.

But when it was all over, and the fun turned into the realization that Weiner is a Congressman representing the people of New York. It became clear that he is just another politician to add to the list, both Democrat and Republican, that have failed the American people in fixing the problems that are the most important to Americans  in 2011:  The Economy, Jobs, the National Debt, failing Infrastructure, the role of Government, Education, Taxes, Entitlement programs and National Defense.

While Weiner was Sexting, Our Government is failing.  But what we did for a weekend was focus on the failing of a Congressman.  Maybe Weiner helped us in a way, like going to a movie when the world is falling apart outside the theater.

For whatever reason, it is time to return to what is important.  Whether Anthony Weiner should resign is not the question the Collective should be asking, that is for the people in the Ethics committee and the people in his district in New York. What we should be looking for is answers on our growing national debt, unemployment, etc.

I am reminded that all of us have personal failings, and it is always easier to point at the failings of others, but when it is all said and done, we must all look in the mirror and account for our own missteps.

It is time to get back on the road that leads to the recovery of America.  It is easy to focus on Congressman Weiner, but by doing so like peering through a pair of Binoculars, it defocuses on other things, things we need to be focused on like a laser beam.  That area of focus should be the 2012 Election.

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Here is what others are saying:

Although he pledged to stay and fight, Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) political survival was in question “as the leaders of his own party continued to distance themselves from the disgraced New York lawmaker and as Republicans persisted in calling for his resignation,” the Washington Post reports.

“Weiner became more and more isolated as the fallout settled from his admission a day earlier that he had engaged in sexually explicit exchanges with women he met online. While the means by which he committed his transgressions represent a new frontier for Washington scandal, the questions and challenges ahead of him are as old as controversy itself. Scandals move quickly in the Internet era. Weathering them takes a combination of personal resolve, crisis-management skills and the right political circumstances.”

Howard Kurtz notes “a slow-motion ethics probe could be his lifeline — unless the humiliation proves too great.”

via Weiner Struggles for Political Survival.

Weiner Moves to Make Amends Amid Calls for His Resignation –

In a tense telephone call with Mr. Weiner, during which he apologized, Representative Nydia M. Velázquez of Brooklyn scolded him, as she recalled: “How can you explain that somebody can be so smart but so stupid?”

Asked if Mr. Weiner should resign, she replied, “The most important thing in this business is credibility.”

Signs of a redrawn political reality quickly emerged for Mr. Weiner, once considered a top contender to become mayor of New York. His campaign donors said they were especially shocked and furious because a week ago the congressman attributed his online travails to a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” a contributor who spoke with him said.

“Everything is going to be fine,” Mr. Weiner said, according to the contributor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the uncertainty surrounding the congressman’s future.

via Weiner Moves to Make Amends Amid Calls for His Resignation –

Anthony Weiner: I’m not quitting –

Rep. Anthony Weiner is insisting that he won’t resign, even as a handful of Republican colleagues call for him to step down, while Democrats steer clear of offering him support and eye a candidate to make a possible run for his seat.

Caught by a news crew outside his Queens office on Tuesday night, the New York Democrat said he wouldn’t yield to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) call for him to quit.

“He’s entitled to his viewpoint,” Weiner said. Prompted again, he added, “I’m not resigning, no.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who says he’s a friend of Weiner’s, joined the growing group of GOPers asking Weiner to resign.

“I don’t see any option but to step down,” Chaffetz said Tuesday night on CNN. “But there comes a point where you just have to say, I’m sorry, but there is also some consequence to this.”

Is the handwriting on the wall for Weiner?

The New York Post calls for Anthony Weiner to resign: “Fall on your sword, Weiner” is the Post’s cover.

The New York Daily News dubs him the “Pee Wee Herman of Congress” and its cover: “Putz’s porn star.”

The New York Times: “Mr. Weiner spent much of the past 24 hours apologizing over and over to stunned Congressional colleagues and Democratic leaders angry at him for misleading them and the public. Even neighboring House Democrats seemed shaken, with many of them worrying that worse disclosures may still surface. In a tense telephone call with Mr. Weiner, during which he apologized, Representative Nydia M. Velázquez of Brooklyn scolded him, as she recalled: ‘How can you explain that somebody can be so smart but so stupid?’”

“Asked if Mr. Weiner should resign, she replied, ‘The most important thing in this business is credibility.’”

“A full 51% of city voters think Weiner should not be forced to resign his Queens-Brooklyn House seat, a New York 1-Marist poll taken hours after the congressman fessed to sext-capades found,” The New York Daily News writes. “However, 56% think the ambitious politician should not run for Gracie Mansion in 2013, a depressing total for a candidate many political observers had pegged as the front-runner before the scandal broke.”

“Rep. Anthony Weiner insisted he will not resign, but a cloud now looms over the New York Democrat’s once-bright political future,” Roll Call reports. “His New York City mayoral ambitions are all but dead, and his hold on his Congressional seat is in jeopardy.”

“While House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stopped short of calling for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign, her demand for an ethics investigation into his online affairs clearly signaled that her Caucus thinks it’s time for him to go,” Roll Call writes. “Democrats said Pelosi’s unprecedented decision to swiftly call for an ethics investigation — and her harsh words for the New York Democrat — has sent a not-so-subtle sign that leadership does not want to see a protracted scandal at a time when Democrats are battling for control of the House.”

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