Is the Senate Wasting time? Quorum Calls at record rate

“I suggest the absence of a quorum”, “the Clerk will call the roll”, ” Mr. Akaka” –  The endless stalling technique used in the Senate to delay or wait ion a Senator to get to the floor for a speech.  But this session, it appears that stalling is the order of the day and Quorum calls are being used more often.

Shouldn’t quorum calls be done only when there is an actual absence of a quorum?  Maybe it is time where ever senator should be on the floor during the time it is in session.

The U.S. Senate has spent a historic amount of time in quorum calls this year, a time-killing ritual which the Washington Post notes usually serves “no other purpose than to fill up empty minutes on the Senate floor. They are so boring, so quiet that C-SPAN adds in classical music: otherwise, viewers might think their TV was broken.”

Nonetheless, quorum calls have taken up about a third of the Senate’s time since January.

via Senate Killing Time in Historic Fashion.

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