With Gingrich Staff Gone, speculation sparks of Gov. Perry gearing up for White House Run

With Newt Gingrich top campaign departures, a a few announcing support to other campaigns,  There is speculation that Dave Carney and Ron Johnson, who were instrumental in Getting Texas Governor Rick Perry elected, that they may be tapped for his Potential bid for the Presidency. Perry has been dropping some hints that he has been thoughtful about a potential run.  Now with his two top advisers looking for work, Perry may be seriously considering getting in.

I would keep my eyes on Carney and Johnson, if they don’t land a job right away, I would place a few bets on Perry running for the top office.  Those Texas electoral votes usually go GOP but can be helpful in a sweep of the south with the 2000 census pulling several electoral votes further to the south and west…. the 2012 election for Obama is not in the bag,

In fact, the economic numbers keep looking worse and worse for the President.  Keeping in mind that the last incumbent who won reelection with an unemployment rate above 7.1% was decades ago and the rate is nearing 9.1 percent.  Recently polls showing the President Head to head match ups for generic candidates are 2 points shy of 50 percent is starting to make the White House nervous.

Obama’s main problem is that he has a record. He was a better candidate when he touted hope and change and said that he would fundamentally change America; His record is abysmal, we are all hoping for Change in the economy, and he hasn’t fundamentally changed the way Washington works at all. In Fact, Obama looks more like the politician is told the American people he would eliminate.

The President has written his own campaign commercials but they are for the GOP.

So if Governor Perry gets in with the Political strategy talent that has left Newt. Perry, will be a candidate to watch. Having said that, Perry is no Media darling and will be attacked harder than as anyone in the GOP filed .

This from the San Antonio Express-News.

Another breathless round of will-he-or-won’t-he about Gov. Rick Perry‘s possible presidential ambitions began Thursday, sparked by the mass resignation of Republican Newt Gingrich‘s top campaign staff.

Among the departing were Dave Carney, Perry’s lead political consultant, and Rob Johnson, who managed Perry’s 2010 re-election campaign.

Further heightening interest, the Washington Post reported late Wednesday that, according to someone close to Perry, it would be unimaginable for the governor to make a presidential race without Carney.

Perry has said he’ll think about running after the Legislature concludes its special session. His spokesman, Mark Miner, said Thursday that was just where it stood, and Carney added by email: “Nothing has changed.”

Carney said Gingrich’s professional team sought a campaign direction that was “incompatible” with the former House speaker’s vision. Asked if the move signaled a possible Perry run, Carney said, “No, it is totally unrelated to the governor.”

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