Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll Vote at Republican Leadership Conference

Presidential candidate Ron Paul has a way with winning straw polls.  He can add the Republican Leadership Conference to his straw Poll win this weekend end in New Orleans.  This writer remembers the Columbia South Carolina debate in 2008 where Paul won the call in poll even though his debate performance was good but not the win for that particular debate.

Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters are energetic and technology savvy,  Further they show up to conferences like The RLC and make sure they cast votes in Paul’s favor.  This weekend was another example of a Paul straw poll win for a candidate that averages less than 11 percent in the national polls.  While Christian News reports the poll results are “surprising”  we don’t think so.  For Paul, Straw poll wins are expected.  In the end, even though he appears to have been correct about the economy, Paul will end up, in our view, with less than eleven percentages points in the primaries.

The surprising poll results were revealed Saturday as several Republican presidential hopefuls made their way to New Orleans to appeal to southern conservatives. Paul (R-Texas) won nearly 40 percent of the vote while Huntsman, former governor of Utah, nabbed nearly a quarter of the vote.

“This win is just the latest indicator of how the majority of American opinion is turning in Ron Paul’s direction,” Jesse Benton, chairman of Paul’s campaign, said in a statement.

“The American people want and deserve someone who will tell them the truth, tell them what needs to be done, and who has an untouchable record of consistency to back it up.”

Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) placed third in the poll with 12 percent of the vote. Businessman Herman Cain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney followed, respectively.

Paul, who previously ran for president as a Libertarian, spoke at the leadership conference on Friday where he was enthusiastically received

via Ron Paul Wins Poll Vote in New Orleans, Christian News.

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