Jon Huntsman announces presiential bid

Jon Huntsman announces presidential bid

With his presidential announcement today, just who is Jon Huntsman?… Where is he on the issues?… Who are his supporters?… What’s his message?… But with such an unsettled field, why not?… Huntsman makes his bid official from Liberty State Park, NJ at 10:00 am ET, then heads to New Hampshire… Obama to deliver Afghanistan troop-withdrawal speech on Wednesday… Update on the debt-ceiling fight… McCain doesn’t back down from claim that illegal immigrants are causing the Arizona wildfires… And Chris Christie hits a new low in the Quinnipiac poll.

*** Who is Jon Huntsman? Only two months since stepping down from his post as ambassador to China, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman today formally announces his presidential bid. And his candidacy raises this question: Just who is Huntsman? And we’re not just talking about the folks who do NOT know him. Even among the folks who do, the same question is getting asked: Just who is he? Is he a real presidential contender, or is he more of an idea created in a focus group of swing voters? Right now, the evidence suggests more of the latter. Our recent national NBC/WSJ poll showed Huntsman dead last in a 10-candidate GOP trial heat. Where is he on the issues? Well, he backs the Ryan budget plan, but he also has called President Obama a “remarkable leader,” believes in climate change, and favors civil unions. (In fact, because of those civil-union views, a local Michigan GOP group disinvited him from headlining an event in early 2009.)

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