Bachmann was not talking about John Wayne Gacy, John Waynes Parents lived in Waterloo, Iowa

But before Marion Robert Morrison was born.

I am getting a little tired of Media Spin on this issue.  Michele Bachmann may have heard that John Waynes Parents lived in Waterloo, Iowa.  The Media is playing on the fact that John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer,  was from Waterloo.  You can image that part of folklore in your home town would mention John Waynes parents living there and some would have probably started a rumor that Wayne was actually born there.

Backmann was talking about American Values, John Wayne was an icon of Americanism.  Bachmann is not an idiot and those in the media who wish to capitalize on her occasional mis-speak should go back and look at the dozens of Obama Gaffs that the Media had pushed under the rug.  Bachmann hold a Doctorate and is a fine example of American Values.

Michele Bachmann misstated Iowa (and Hollywood) history when she said John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa, but she may have been thinking of Wayne’s parents, who had at least a brief connection to the town. From the biography, “John Wayne: American”:

Clyde [Wayne’s father] was twenty and Molly [his mother] was nineteen when they met. She fell in love with him because he was kind, handsome and well educated. He would, she thought, be easy to live with and a good provider. They had not dated long and did not know each other very well, but Clyde was about to take a job at a pharmacy in Waterloo, Iowa, and they decided to get married. Rather than bother with a church wedding, they eloped, traveling to Knoxville, in Marion County, where Justice of the Peace I.H. Garrison married them on September 29, 1905. They made their first home in Waterloo …

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