Twitter Town Hall: Obama Touts Federal Worker Pay Freeze That Isn’t

Even though Federal pay continues to rise even though Obama says he froze pay.  He can take credit for Freezing Disabled Federal Employee pay and Disabled Veterans benefits.  Those he did actually freeze.  The Obama administration said he froze Cost of Living increases because the cost of living hasn’t gone up. He can also take credit for freezing social security while Democrats points fingers at Republicans for wanting to throw grandma off the cliff.

This should show how out of touch Obama is with the real world.  No one on disability is paying the same or less than two years ago.

President Obama offered few concrete proposals for promoting fiscal responsibility during his “Twitter town hall” on Wednesday. One that he did mention was his drive to freeze federal employee salaries, though he offered the measure as an example of an effort to “make these adjustments that are necessary during these difficult fiscal times…in a way that preserves collective bargaining rights.”

“We froze federal pay for federal workers for two years,” Obama claimed. “Now that wasn’t real popular, as you might imagine, among federal workers,” the president added.

But even federal workers acknowledged at the time that salaries would not be frozen under the plan. A spokesperson for the American Federation of Government Employees union told the Federal Times that “the news that step increases will not be affected takes some of the sting out of the decision,” in the Times’s phrasing.

In fact, under the measure the president dubbed a “freeze,” the Federal Times estimated that 1.1 million federal employees will receive pay bumps totaling more than $2.5 billion in additional salary through the standard “step increases” federal pay system.

Regularly scheduled step increases for the 1.4 million General Schedule employees — who make up two-thirds of the civilian work force — will continue. The size of those increases ranges from 2.6 percent to 3.3 percent and by law kick in every one, two or three years, depending on an employee’s time in grade.

In other words, seniority will grant federal employees continued pay raises under Obama’s plan. That fact alone should give Americans pause: simply by virtue of their continued employment – i.e. with almost no regard for their performance – federal workers will continue to receive raises. As the Heritage Foundation has repeatedly pointed out, any real reform effort will have to address the skewed incentives of General Schedule pay system.

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