69 Percent of the Public oppose raising the debt limit. Obama: The American people don’t understand politics

Chip Reid asks the President why the American people don't understand theser is a crisis

President Obama said that the reason 69 percent of the American people don’t want the debt limit raised is they are ignorant.  The simply are too busy getting the kids ready for school and doing the dishes to take the time to understand the debt crisis. Anyway,  the American people shouldn’t try to understand this complicated issue.

Of course I am paraphrasing.  See it is my job as a “professional” to reduce things the elite professional politicians say down to an uneducated level for the reader to understand.   I mean you all cant even understand your spouse or teenager let alone understanding politics.

We think Obama showed his true colors, he is an elitist and can’t relate to the American people.  He has not stepped back once and wondered how it looks when he doubles the size of the White house staff, has more Limousines  in the fleet than any other president, and takes vacations to places like Hawaii and Marthas Vineyard. But the American people should just do their housework and not pay attention and everything will be all right.

Here’s an idea, How about President Obama do what Senator Obama said about the debt limit.  he voted against it because raising the debt ceiling is inappropriate.  Raising the Ceiling shows that the President is derelict in his duties.

Oh yes, Mr. President, we might not understand every thing, but we remember everything you said when you campaigned.. You have not lived up to your promises and we understand that we were sold a bag of goods.

CHIP REID, CBS NEWS: “Thank you, Mr. President. You said that everybody in the room is willing to do what they have to do, wants to get something done by August 2nd. But isn’t the problem the people who aren’t in the room, and in particular Republican presidential candidates and Republican Tea Partiers on the Hill, and the American public? The latest CBS News poll showed that only 24 percent of Americans said you should raise the debt limit to avoid an economic catastrophe. There are still 69 percent who oppose raising the debt limit. So isn’t the problem that you and others have failed to convince the American people that we have a crisis here, and how are you going to change that?”

THE PRESIDENT: “Well, let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large. The public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a Treasury option goes. They shouldn’t. They’re worrying about their family; they’re worrying about their jobs; they’re worrying about their neighborhood. They’ve got a lot of other things on their plate. We’re paid to worry about it.

“I think, depending on how you phrase the question, if you said to the American people, is it a good idea for the United States not to pay its bills and potentially create another recession that could throw millions of more people out of work, I feel pretty confident I can get a majority on my side on that one.

“And that’s the fact. If we don’t raise the debt ceiling and we see a crisis of confidence in the markets, and suddenly interest rates are going up significantly, and everybody is paying higher interest rates on their car loans, on their mortgages, on their credit cards, and that’s sucking up a whole bunch of additional money out of the pockets of the American people, I promise you they won’t like that.

“Now, I will say that some of the professional politicians know better. And for them to say that we shouldn’t be raising the debt ceiling is irresponsible. They know better.

“And this is not something that I am making up. This is not something that Tim Geithner is making up. We’re not out here trying to use this as a means of doing all these really tough political things. I’d rather be talking about stuff that everybody welcomes — like new programs or the NFL season getting resolved. Unfortunately, this is what’s on our plate. It’s before us right now. And we’ve got to deal with it.

“So what you’re right about, I think, is, is that the leaders in the room here at a certain point have to step up and do the right thing, regardless of the voices in our respective parties that are trying to undermine that effort.

“I have a stake in John Boehner successfully persuading his caucus that this is the right thing to do, just like he has a stake in seeing me successfully persuading the Democratic Party that we should take on these problems that we’ve been talking about for too long but haven’t been doing anything about.”

via Obama: | RealClearPolitics.

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