Bachmann Tours Iowa Small Business: “The President’s Policies Aren’t Working”

Indianola, Iowa – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann toured Cemen Tech, Inc. today in Indianola, Iowa, highlighting the impact of the Obama administration’s failed policies on small business.

“As we saw with the June unemployment report showing the jobless rate rising to 9.2 percent, the President’s policies are hurting Americans and job creation,” Bachmann said. “It’s not government that creates lasting jobs, it’s small businesses, like Cemen Tech, that are the job creation engine of America. We have to do everything we can to strengthen small business.”

After a tour of the manufacturing facility, Bachmann spoke to Cemen Tech employees, outlining her solutions to turn the economy around and spur job creation.

“I will work to reduce the corporate tax rate, decrease overregulation and repeal Obamacare,” Bachmann said. “Mark my words, I will vote ‘no’ on raising the debt ceiling because we need a fundamental restructuring of how we spend taxpayer dollars that put us on the path to balance.”

“The reason that small businesses can’t create jobs or won’t put capital they are accumulating into creating jobs is because they are scared to invest in new jobs because of economic uncertainty. The are staring down an increase in taxes as part of a compromise to raise the debt ceiling, an increasingly difficult government regulatory environment and Obamacare, where they will end up paying large fines and still not be able to provide health care for their employees,” Bachmann told employees.

Cemen Tech, Inc. is an employee-owned business that has been in operation for more than 40 years. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of volumetric proportioning and continuous mixing systems.

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