Change Direction

WASHINGTON –The Republican National Committee (RNC) released its second television ad today as part of a month-long “Change Direction” economic messaging campaign highlighting President Obama’s failed economic leadership.  The RNC will go on offense in Obama’s backyard, airing the ad on cable and broadcast in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire – states that went for the Democrat Presidential nominee in both 2004 and 2008.  Despite going blue in previous presidential elections, Barack Obama would be ill-advised to take them for granted next year due to his abysmal economic record and recent GOP victories.  The second ad can be viewed here:
“The RNC will be taking on Barack Obama in every state where his failed policies have hurt job creators and Americansare looking for work,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “With unemployment at 9.2%, it is becoming clearer by the day that we need to change direction in this country away from the reckless economic policies of Barack Obama. From job strangling regulations to out of control spending and massive tax increases, President Obama’s policies have put our economy on a dangerous path. UnderPresident Obama, 2.1 million more Americans are unemployed, 6 million more have foreclosed on their mortgages, and $3.7 trillion has been added to the national debt. It is time for America to put the brakes on Barack Obama’s failed leadership, change direction, and put a Republican in the White House so we can turn this economy around.”

via YouTube – ‪Change Direction 2‬‏.

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