Liberal fundraisers Threaten to abandon Obama 2012 campaign if he agrees to cut social programs

It is not just Republicans who are getting pressure on the Debt Ceiling issue.  Seems That President Obama is getting pressure from progressive groups that if they will abandon his 2012 Campaign if he agrees to any Social program cuts.  So with The right fighting for no tax increases or some not raising the debt ceiling at all, the left is fighting to keep all social programs in place.

What does it all mean?  Nothing gets done in Washington and the debt ceiling agreement will be little more than a wink and a nod between the two parties. Conclusion, don’t expect much.

A group of liberal Democrats who fund-raised and volunteered for Barack Obama in 2008 plans to protest Friday outside his reelection campaign headquarters in Chicago.

Organizers with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a liberal PAC, say they will attempt to deliver 200,000 signatures on a pledge to withhold support from the president if he consents to cuts to federal entitlement programs.

“We’re hoping Jeremy Bird or Jim Messina will come down to accept it,” said PCCC spokesman Neil Sroka, a former Obama campaign staffer hired by Bird in 2008.  Bird is the national field director for the campaign; Messina is the campaign manager.

“What I learned on that campaign is that there’s nothing more important to the Obama campaign than its volunteers,” Sroka said. “They’re the heart and soul of it. “

Signatories to the pledge, who claim to have donated more than $17 million and 2.6 million volunteer hours in 2008, are threatening to close their wallets and stay home in 2012 if Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits are changed in a deficit reduction deal with Republicans.

“Don’t ask for a penny of my money or an hour of my time in 2012,” if there are cuts, the pledge reads.  “I’m going to focus on electing bold progressive candidates who will fight to protect our Democratic legacy.”

via Progressive Group Plans Protest at Obama Campaign Headquarters – Political Punch.

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