Poll Shows Obama Trailing Generic Republican Candidate By 8 Points

In our last report that President Obama was trailing a generic Republican, some folks criticized the source of the poll as Republican leaning.  Today we are posting information that reports nearly the same results.  The Poll is from the Gallup Organization.  Now if things haven’t changed over at Gallup, they can’t be construed as a GOP poster.

While the 2012 presidential election is still over a year away, the results of a recent Gallup poll suggest that President Barack Obama could be facing an uphill battle in his campaign for re-election.

The poll of registered voters showed that 39 percent said they would vote for Obama in 2012, while 47 percent said they would vote for “the Republican Party’s candidate for president.”

Support for Obama is unchanged from a month ago but is down 43 percent in May, when the president’s approval rating received a boost from the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Meanwhile, the level of support for the generic Republican candidate is up from 44 percent in June and 40 percent in May.

Perhaps most troubling for Obama is that his level of support among Independent voters is lower than his overall support at 34 percent.

Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones said, “President Obama’s re-election prospects do not look very favorable at this point — if the election were held today, as measured by the generic presidential ballot.”

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