Democrats import illegal voters with communicable diseases

America was built on the backs, hands, and minds of legal immigrants. We all came from somewhere else, except the Native Americans. We fled from religious persecution, communist tyranny, oppressive monarchies and regimes, legal entanglements, murder raps, theft, moral and financial responsibility to others.

We longed for the lure of riches and unbound freedom, but most of all, we desired the opportunity to be better off than our fathers and ancestors.

Lady Liberty welcomed us all, initially at Ellis Island, where thousands and thousands of newly arrived would-be Americans, gaunt and ragged from the arduous Atlantic passage remained on board three or four days in the harbor, then in quarantine before they were allowed inland. Wealthier crossers were processed on board the ship.

The would-be Americans, particularly the poor ones, suffered indignities at times but there was no ACLU to sue for their unjust treatment – they were thankful to be allowed onto the Land of Opportunity.

Proud, intelligent people with dreams, representing every country in the Old World, poured into America, bringing their cultures with them into the melting pot. They entered the enormous Ellis Island Receiving Station, the “Hall of Tears,” as it was known, on “Heartbreak Island.”  Some family members were separated in the long lines, some were accepted, some rejected. Painful decisions had to be made quickly. People’s names were entered in records misspelled or changed on purpose to suit the clerk’s whims or inability to spell.

If they survived the treacherous Atlantic boat crossing and received a clean bill of health after the quarantine, they were free to explore their new country and make their dreams a reality through hard work, self-reliance, and perseverance. One such immigrant from Italy entered Ellis Island in 1902 and became a naturalized citizen in 1908.

In the last twenty years, immigration enforcement has become so lax that now,  illegal immigrants are causing huge financial and social burdens on Americans in spite of La Rasa’s claim that they do the jobs that Americans refuse to do. According to Democrats and the sycophant media, they are “undocumented workers,” not illegal aliens. Only in the irrational progressive mind is someone, who is deliberately breaking the law of this country, an undocumented worker and must be rewarded with citizenship, free schooling, housing, food stamps, medical care, and free or in-state tuition for their children.

The liberal media refuses to discuss the burden millions of illegals place on this country’s resources. They steal benefits from American citizens who have worked and paid Social Security and Medicaid taxes their entire lives and now are unable to draw benefits because the promised lock box is empty.

Hundreds and thousands of hospitals are strained or bankrupt because of the gratis care they must extend to illegal aliens. Having anchor babies in hospitals at taxpayer expense while the rest of Americans have to bankrupt themselves paying hospital bills is an injustice that lawmakers should have addressed long time ago.

The rest of the story can be read at  Democrats import illegal voters with communicable diseases.

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