The President said “the Wealthy are not paying their Fair Share”, What does ‘fair share’ mean?

The president claimed that “the wealthy” were not paying their “fair share.“ His idea is that ”the wealthiest Americans and big corporations“ should pay their ”fair share” in order to reduce the nation’s red ink instead of cutting spending to “valuable programs.”

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. This is the standard modus operandi for liberals. In fact, this is how they address every issue: it’s someone else’s fault. Someone else must pay for it (either literally or figuratively).

You cannot get into the college of your choice because of bad grades? Make them accept you. Sue them until they accept you. Make it unlawful not to accept you.

You cannot pass standardized tests? The tests must be biased. Make them change the questions and scoring system.

You cannot afford insurance (although you have complete access to Medicare and Medicaid)? Everyone else should then pay for it.

You have an overly healthy libido but cannot afford prophylactics or birth control pills? Someone else should provide it. In fact, it ought to be a right.

And this is really where we get to the heart of the problem with liberalism. It’s not so much that they are fiscally irresponsible with other people’s money–as they most certainly are– but that they have a complete and dangerous disregard for personal accountability and self-reliance.

And there is the real problem. If a man goes through life and never accepts personal responsibility for his mistakes or shortcomings, and cannot even recognize that they exist, then how can he be expected to grow in wisdom, justice or prudence?

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