The Tea Party Hobbit return to Middle earth, Bizzaros, and the Lord of TARP

How do I know work is getting done in Washington?  The Posturing attacks, and peculiar rhetoric and Metaphors prevail.  It is a sad way to gauge whether folks on the Hill are hard at work but it is a good an indicator as any.  One can always expect to see Senator Chuck Schumer taking smack on some open mike or camera, but when other Senators start in with the political theater a massive compromise bill is sure to follow.

One such Senator is John McCain (R-AZ). When he starts in with the Maverick talk and his proud record it is like something from the Movie  ‘Ground Hog Day’ You know he is about to slap you upside the head when he calls you “”friend” more then once in a sentence.  One such event occurred the other day when McCain called Teaparty conservatives, reluctant to increase the debt ceiling,  “tea party hobbits” and accused them of effectively reelecting Barack Obama if they reject the House Republican plan.  He called the Freshmen Congressman, “Bizzaros”.  It made a true conservative want to run and return to “Middle Earth” .  Former Senate Candidate came out and checked McCain and called him the “Lord of the TARP” as he has shown some Bizzarro behavior by voting for bailouts when acting as a Budget Hawk.

It’s not enough to be smacked around by President Obama going to the American people and telling Republicans to “eat their peas”  Looking at Obamas form of communication through the eyes of the once popular “Transactional Analysis”  the Adult conversation is not to be had.  In TA, when one is told to “Eat their peas” the Parent in that communication is the sender (Obama) and the Child (the GOP)

By Being the Parent in the Transaction, President Obama is not fully appreciating the separate but equal divisions of government.  His manner of speech is more like a dictator commanding the ruled to perform a task.  I am not sure if the President is aware of this but if not, I would hope that one of his advisers (He has many) would share this with him.  For when one treats folks like children, he may well expect their behavior to reflect such.

So conservatives are Bizzaro, tea party Hobbits, and children in TA.  But their is more.  Nancy Pelosi informed the news services that she is trying to save the world from Conservatives.  I guess we are some type of Virus.  I guess that it is appropriate to say as such.  Conservatives are growing and multiplying. So much that this last election, the so called Tea Party conservatives swept the house and regained control of the Peoples House.

Why?  Because the American people have watched as the society has fallen to a Nanny state of affairs.  So much that the Government is close to Bankruptcy.  Everyday, for every dollar that is spent, forty cents is borrowed.  This great experiment may end in failure if the reins are not pulled back and course changed.

So these Tea Party Hobbits, Bizarros, TA Children, and Viruses have allowed a constitutional crisis to come to a head.  Today the House will vote to allow the debt ceiling to be raised if and only if a dollars for dollar cuts are released.  The other body is fighting change.  The change they asked for.  To change the course of Government so that life can be breathed into liberty’s nostrils once again.

What will happen?  The House Plan will pay by a close margin.  At the last minute a few Democrats will jump on board or vote present.  The bill will go on to the Senate.  Democrat Majority leader Reid will complain and whine but in the end add an amendment or two to the bill and call it Bi-Partisan.  It will go back to the House and pass by a greater margin.  President Obama will sign it in to law.

Yes, a Great Harmonic convergence of both Plans that could not possibly pass will be married and called the Presidents Plan, the Democratic Plan, and the GOP Plan.  That is how America works.  Legislation envisioned by our founders to be difficult indeed.  Some call it sausage making, I call it a Republic!

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