Yeah I got your Subsidy right here. While Obama goes after corporate jet owners seems he loves Airport Owners

By Michelle Malkin
Taxpayers subsidize anyone who flies from Ely, Nev., to Las Vegas to the tune of $3,720 per ticket.

I know you fellow Tea Party terrorists don’t need any debt-ceiling theater reality checks from me. So let’s just note this one for posterity’s sake.

While Washington proclaims victory over business as usual, business as usual in Washington reigns. Congress cannot even bring itself to kill an outdated and inefficient $175 million pet plane subsidy program championed by Democrat Sen. Jay Rockefeller. It’s the sticking point that led to the partial shutdown of the FAA. And all those Democrats railing about the need to compromise? They’re the ones who refused. To. Compromise.

The Rockefeller Air Subsidy is known as the “Essential Air Service” program. It was meant to aid travelers in rural, “remote” areas.


Many of the “remote” communities are within a 90-minute drive of an airline hub. Among them is Athens, Ga., 82 miles from Atlanta’s airport. For more distant towns, the subsidies are often outlandish: Taxpayers subsidize anyone who flies from Ely, Nev., to Las Vegas to the tune of $3,720 per ticket.

Mica, who’d eliminate 13 communities from the program, is right on the issue.

Rep. Mica explains:

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