Humorless Dem’s Bad “Temperamint”

So, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Joe Armstrong — a humorless Democrat state representative — goes into a college bookstore and sees these silly things:

And what does he do? Just what you’d expect:

[University of Tennessee] pulled the mints poking fun at Obama from bookstore shelves after state Rep. Joe Armstrong, a Democrat, visited the bookstore and told the director he found the satirical mints offensive.

“When you operate on state and federal dollars, you ought to be sensitive to those type of politically specific products,” Armstrong said. “If it was a private entity or corporation or store, (that’s different), but this is a state university. We certainly don’t want in any way to put the university in a bad light by having those political (products), particularly aimed at defaming the president.”

Every time I think I’ve discovered the stupidest person in politics, another even stupider one pops up.

By the way, the campus bookstore had in previous years carried these mints, with nary a peep of complaint:

Armstrong insisted he would take the same stance if he had seen mints making fun of Bush.

Read the full story at  The Anchoress.

The Anchoress quotes Instapundit and adds a few thoughts of her own:

Reynolds also points out at his site that these very Obama mints are sold by The Nation.

Methinks the Democrats had better buck up and try to develop a sense of humor — at least enough of one to let satire slide — otherwise there is no way they’ll have the fortitude to endure the sort of genuine rage, earned distrust and outright mockery they’re going to be encountering out there on the campaign trail, this time.

And the mockery…oh, the mockery is going to sting.

For the record, although Joe Armstrong could not handle a little tin of disappointmints, I think Barack Obama would take the things in stride. After all, if Jesus can handle it, why shouldn’t Obama?

via Lame: Local Dem politician demands end to Obama satire in Tennessee « Hot Air.

Bet Obama puts the company that manufacturers the Mints on his Saved or Created jobs list on

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