Fox News Republican Presidential Debate tonight – Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eight presidential candidates have qualified for the Fox News/Iowa GOP debate Thursday night.

Expected to appear at the nationally televised event in Ames are: Massachusetts’ Mitt Romney, Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann, Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty, Texas’ Ron Paul, Georgia’s Herman Cain, Utah’s Jon Huntsman, Pennsylvania’s Rick Santorum and Georgia’s Newt Gingrich, according to Michael Clemente, Fox’s vice president of news.

The two-hour debate, with commercial breaks, will start at 8 p.m.

Rules required candidates to have an average of at least 1 percent support in five national polls by 4 p.m. Tuesday to be eligible to participate, Fox officials said.

Some candidates were shut out, including Michigan’s Thaddeus McCotter, the most recent candidate to enter the race, and California’s Fred Karger, an openly gay candidate. McCotter’s name will be on the ballot for the Iowa straw poll on Saturday because his campaign paid the $15,000 necessary to participate in the Republican Party of Iowa fundraiser.

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The Candidates

  • Michele BachmannMichele Bachmann

    Bachmann is a three-term congresswoman and founder of the House Tea Party Caucus. She is a former attorney known for fiery attacks on President Obama and her formidable fundraising.

  • Herman Cain

    Cain is the former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He lost the Georgia Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat in 2004. He was recently the host of Atlanta-based radio show

  • Newt Gingrich

    Gingrich served nearly four years as Speaker of the House after leading the 1994 Republican Revolution. He was first elected to Congress in 1978 and served through 1998. He has authored more than a dozen books.

  • Jon HuntsmanJon Huntsman

    Huntsman is a former U.S. ambassador to China and a former two-term governor of Utah. His father is billionaire businessman and philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr.

  • ron paulRon Paul

    Paul is serving his 11th full term in the U.S. House.  He’s an obstetrician-gynecologist and was the Libertarian nominee for president in 1988.  He unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for president in 2008

  • tim pawlentyTim Pawlenty

    Pawlenty served two terms as governor of Minnesota, from 2002 to 2010. He served in the Minnesota House from 1992 until 2002. He is the son of a truck driver.

  • Mitt RomneyMitt Romney

    Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts. He was the head of a private equity firm and is credited with rescuing the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. He unsuccessfully ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

  • rick santorumRick Santorum

    Santorum served two terms in the U.S. House and two terms in the U.S. Senate. He became the Senate’s third-ranking Republican in 2001. He was defeated for reelection in 2006.

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