Did the Candidates get equal time in the Fox News – Examiner debate?

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At last night’s Fox News-Washington Examiner Republican presidential debate in Ames, Iowa, candidate Rick Santorum complained that he was shortchanged in the number of questions and airtime allotted to him.  Addressing the audience, Santorum said, “I told you when I traveled around Iowa, you would see me in your city, in your hometown, but you probably wouldn’t see much of me on television. So it’s totally true tonight.”

I was part of the panel questioning the candidates Thursday night, and I can say that in preparations for the debate, the producers took a lot of care to make sure each candidate had an equal chance to speak.  They’re so careful about it that in post-debate analysis they track every second each candidate talked.  And here are the results for the Ames debate:

Mitt Romney 10.1 minutes
Michele Bachmann 10.0 minutes
Ron Paul 9.7 minutes
Tim Pawlenty 9.4 minutes
Rick Santorum 9.2 minutes
Newt Gingrich 8.7 minutes
Herman Cain 7.7 minutes
Jon Huntsman 7.2 minutes


The top five candidates in terms of air time — Romney, Bachmann, Paul, Pawlenty, and, yes, Santorum

via The Fox-Examiner debate: Who said how much | Campaign 2012.

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