Obama calls on Buffett, Ford CEO for economic advice

By Albert N. Milliron, Staff Writer, Iron Mill News

President Obama  is calling on Warren Buffett for tax advice because he continually asks that the rich be taxed at a higher rate.  A little advice to Mr. Buffett, if he wants to pay higher taxes than his secretaries, maybe he should stop using a tax loophole, if he still wants to work, and take a regular paycheck.  That way he will pay substantially more than anyone in his office.

Buffet doesn’t take a paycheck, He takes a portion of his retirement that is taxed at a lower rate.  So when the President and Buffet talk about taxing him at a higher rate than his Secretary, he is being disingenuous, which we will outline in later.

Then, Obama calls on Ford motor company CEO for advice.  Yeah, that’s what I would do, call on the guy who didn’t take a government bailout and find out how he was able to be profitable without government intervention.

Maybe I am  cynical here, but the President keeps calling on folks who forgot how business works a long time ago, less the Ford CEO who may be able  to share a few things.  Maybe along with that CEO he should bring in the entire production department along with the folks balance the books.  Maybe that would help.

I remember something our esteemed Vice-president once said, it is patriotic to pay more taxes and that we all should get aboard.  I agree with a man who thinks $400 in charitable giving per year is adequate .   See for the Biden’s of the world, Charity begins  at the federal government.  But for those who believe in a Conservative viewpoint, Charity begins at home. That is a value the President should have implemented himself for his own siblings. Conservatives are happy to pay Local taxes, contribute to local churches, local community centers, and the lady next door.

For those who are conservative we believe we can see clearer when the need is closer. Yes, Mr. Biden, it is patriotic to give, and Conservatives are, “all in” when we can see the need close at hand.

Conservatives just see fraud , waste, and abuse, at the federal level and are tired of sending our money to have it squandered.  Our local communities have their own Warren Buffetts and Ford CEOs and we know them because they live in our communities.

This from The Hill:

President Obama on Monday reached out to billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Ford CEO Alan Mulally for advice as he crafts a major jobs plan to be released after Labor Day.

Berkshire Hathaway head Buffett, who has become an Obama confidant, made waves earlier this month when he called on wealthy Americans to pay more in taxes in order to reduce the deficit.

Read More at  Obama calls Buffett, Ford CEO for advice – The Hill’s On The Money.

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