Should Presidential candidate Rick Perry’s travel, security expenses be a state secret? They are!

While Politisite does not endorse candidates during the Primaries we sure have no problem pointing out  issues that are bothersome to us.  Perry had a provision slipped into a Bill that will keep his travel expenses, including his security detail, secret until after the 2012 election.  The Governor claims that detail of his expense report are a security issue and could be detrimental to his safety.

In this age where Americans citizens are cutting back while our President enjoys high-end trips to Marthas Vineyard and Hawaii, we do not need a Potential President who thinks his finances are not a matter of public record. We certainly don’t need one who uses the legislation process to keep his spending from being transparent.

Folks in the Tea Party especially should take a good look at Perry’s activities.  The presidency should not be a place where one can spend with complete abandon, while taxpayers live in bottom basement provisions… again!

Since Rick Perry joined the presidential race this month, his campaign entourage has included not just the standard array of political advisers and aides, but a squad of Texas law enforcement agents.

The security forces scout and secure locations days in advance. Well before the governor’s visit to Tommy’s Country Ham House in Greenville, S.C., the weekend of Aug. 20, more than a half-dozen suited and armed agents were giving orders to the crowd of more than 400.

How much is this ever-present phalanx of state policemen costing the taxpayers of Texas? They won’t know at least until after next year’s presidential election, thanks to a provision, tucked into a school finance bill in July, that will keep the governor’s travel records sealed for 18 months.

Read the rest at The Washington Post.

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