MSNBC Lean Forward but Obama, FEMA, Lean forward 110%

Today, Homeland Security Chief Janet  Napolitano said,  while talking about the FEMA Irene response in North Carolina, the Government will continue to “Lean Forward” 110%.

Last time I checked, if one leans forward even 50% they will find themselves fallen flat on their faces.  What perfect symbolism for where Obama finds himself.

The “Lean forward” motto being used by MSNBC was also used in the FEMA blog on Hurricane Irene as well.

This is not the first time the Administration has used the “Lean Forward” term regarding government activities.

Napolitano: We’re Always ‘Leaning Forward’

Looks like the MSNBC-Obama merger is complete . . .

Janet Napolitano did double-duty on Good Morning America today, describing administration anti-terrorism efforts while serving as an MSNBC shill by parroting the liberal network’s new marketing catchphrase, Lean Forward.

To complete the daisy chain, Napolitano was interviewed by ABC’s Bianna Golodryga, wife of . . . former Obama budget director Peter Orzag. View video after the jump.

The topic was the foiled plot to send explosives to synagogues in Chicago.

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We thought it was interesting that with all the talk about Fox News being the Media wing of the Republican Party that the Obama Administration started using the MSNBC “Lean Forward” vernacular just days after MSNBC started the “Lean Forward” Campaign.

Msnbc to ‘lean forward’ in new brand campaign -updated 10/5/2010 11:37:14 AM ET

Cable news network msnbc said Tuesday it is launching a two-year, multimillion-dollar marketing campaign, embracing its politically progressive identity with the new tagline “Lean Forward.”

The network hopes the campaign, featuring television ads directed by Spike Lee, will lift brand awareness and boost ratings, building on recent audience gains that have lifted it to the No. 2 news channel, ahead of CNN and behind industry leader Fox News.

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