White House talking points distributed in Advance of Obama Job Speech

These make me want to say: “Don’t bother watching the president’s speech tonight. You’ve already heard it before.” But, then, we already knew that would be the case, didn’t we?

Apparently, the White House circulated these talking points to lefty groups in advance of the president’s speech tonight.

The American Jobs Act is:

  • Based on bi-partisan ideas;
  • It is fully paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes and asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share; and
  • It will have an impact on job and economic growth NOW — just as soon as Congress acts.
  • Every day, people in this country are working hard to meet their responsibilities. The question now is whether Washington will meet theirs.
  • The time for obstruction and gridlock is over. Congress needs to put country ahead of politics.
  • The American people know that the economic crisis and the deep recession weren’t created overnight and won’t be solved overnight. The economic security of the American middle class has been under attack for decades.
  • That’s why President Obama believes we need to do more than just recover from this economic mess.
  • The President is rebuilding the economy the American way — based on balance, fairness and the same set of rules for everyone from Wall Street to Main Street where hard work and responsibility pay and gaming the system is penalized.
  • It’s an American economy that’s built to last and creates the jobs of the future, by forcing Washington to live within its means so we can invest in small business entrepreneurs, education and making things the world buys, not outsourcing, loopholes and reckless financial deals that put middle class security at risk.
So much there! Where to start?

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I don’t know about you, but I like to learn the behind the scenes part of these big events. My FNC colleague Chad Pergram sent this (below) and I figured you might want to read it. Note how helpful he is with the pronunciations (I need that help!)

Some Operational Notes about tonight’s speech

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill

Just a couple of notes about this evening.

Prior to the speech, the House will welcome the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, the most longest-serving ambassador from a foreign nation, to the chamber. For many years now this has been Roble Olhaye (pronounced ROH-bill oh-HIGH-yay), ambassador from Djibouti (juh-BOO-tee). He has been Djibouti;s ambassador in Washington since 1988.

Bill Livingood, who is the House Sergeant at Arms, will formally announce the president into the chamber. His name is pronounced LIH-vinn-good.

Among the 12 guests sitting in the box of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) will be the CEO of Gibson Guitar, Henry Juszkiewicz (JUSS-kuh-witz). Federal gents from the Bureau of Wildlife and Fish raided Gibson factories in Nashville and Memphis last month. Gibson is accused of potentially using rare, ebony wood from Madagascar for guitars. Gibson claims it did not. Juszkiewicz says the Justice Department was “bullying” his firm “without filing charges.”

President Obama has previously addressed one Joint Sessions of Congress that was not a State of the Union message. That was on September 9, 2009 when the president came to Capitol Hill to discuss the health care bill. The session is now probably best remembered for Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) hectoring the president with his accusation of “You lie!”

President Clinton also addressed a Joint Session of Congress in September, 1993 to lay out his proposed health care plan.

President George W. Bush spoke to a Joint Session of Congress on September, 20, 2011 after the 9-11 attacks.

Senior Producer

U.S. House of Representatives

FOX News

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