Tonight’s CNN/Tea Party Debate: Why Is CNN Asking Questions On Behalf of the Tea Party?

Tonight’s debate is being labeled as a CNN/Tea Party debate, but I’m expecting a whole lot of CNN and very little tea party — which means more questions about Creationism, race, abortion, gay marriage and why Rick Perry wants to replace Social Security checks with cans of Alpo. In other words, just about any question the CNN moderator can up with that stays as far away as possible from any of President Obama’s many, many, many, many, many failures.

Certainly, we should all be thrilled that a major news network is legitimizing the tea party with this kind of partnership, but we also have to be careful and remember who the MSM really is, and that’s our political adversary. The Leftist media isn’t teaming with the tea party or hosting debates at the Reagan Library out of respect for either institution. This is all about designing a Trojan Horse to get behind our defenses and attack from within. Politico? MSNBC? The network whose poster boy coined the term “tea bagger”?

Are you kidding me?

Who in the tea party thought it was a good idea to let CNN ask questions on their behalf? Because as you’ll see here, CNN is making no secret out of where thing are headed tonight.

All the liberal media has done thus far in this election is shamelessly palace guard for Obama and all we saw at last week’s debate was the laying of traps for our side in a way that creates left-wing talking points. Case in point, that lovely moment orchestrated by Politico and MSNBC that had Governor Romney beating up Governor Perry over Social Security — which means Barack Obama won that debate because he got the best swing-state ad out of it.

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