University of Wisconsin-Madison Admissions Favor Blacks and Hispanics over Whites and Asian

Even though affirmative action was signed under the Nixon Adminstartion.  The Univ of Wisconsin seems to think  that test scores should be curved for Minorities.  Most people in America hope for highly educated Minority’s to help the group come  out from the dependency of Government assistance,  But study after study shows that those who have been admitted to colleges with several points advantage over others end up having problems in school.

In fact many minorities drop out because of not being able to keep up with eh fast passed education processes in college. It is not their fought. These affirmative action programs and diversity requirements put students in college when they are not academically ready.  But from the Government view they tout that they have solved the divide by placing students in colleges when their scores do not warrant it.

Bottom line, shame on the process that sets minorities up for failures just to look good at some meeting.

A conservative group said blacks and Hispanics are more likely to get admitted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison even though they have lower average test scores than whites and Asians.

The Virginia-based Center for Equal Opportunity, which opposes affirmative action, released its analysis at the Doubletree Hotel on Tuesday near the UW-Madison campus.At a news conference Tuesday, Roger Clegg, president and general counsel for the Center for Equal Opportunity, accused UW-Madison of discriminating against whites while making admission decisions.”We are not anti-diversity. We are against discrimination. What’s going on at the University of Wisconsin, make no mistake about it, is discrimination,” Clegg said.Clegg called UW-Madison’s admissions process the biggest unfair advantage for blacks and Hispanics that he’s ever seen.Hundreds of UW-Madison students came to the hotel to protest what they called a skewed and racist study by a conservative think tank.At first, the students chanted outside the hotel’s doors, which were locked for security reasons. Then they rushed inside, sitting in and shouting out, drowning out the question and answer session going on inside a hotel banquet room, WISC-TV reported.

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Group says UW-Madison admissions favor blacks, Hispanics

Black and Hispanic applicants were more likely to be accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison even though they had lower average test scores than white and Asian applicants, according to an analysis by a conservative group.

The school’s admissions data from 2007 to 2008 was analyzed by the Center for Equal Opportunity, based in Falls Church, Va. It found that the university admitted roughly 7 out of 10 black applicants and 8 out of 10 Hispanic applicants, compared to about 6 out of 10 white and Asian applicants.

The group also found a disparity in ACT scores, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. Of students admitted in 2008, black students had an average score of 25 and Hispanics had 26, while whites averaged 29 and Asians 30, the study found.

“This is the most severe undergraduate admissions discrimination that (the Center for Equal Opportunity) has ever found in the dozens of studies it has published over the last 15 years,” said Linda Chavez, chairwoman of the center.

The group, which opposes affirmative action, was scheduled to release its results today.

UW-Madison officials say the analysis focuses too narrowly on academics to the exclusion of other important factors. They also said they intentionally give preference to qualified students in targeted minority groups in order to produce a diverse class with rich perspectives.

“It’s been a long-standing commitment at UW-Madison to have students from a range of backgrounds,” admissions

director Adele Brumfield said. “We believe it adds value to everyone’s experience in and out of the classroom.”

Brumfield said UW-Madison defines diversity to include race as well as other factors, including whether a student is a first-generation college student or from a rural area.

Two U.S. Supreme Court cases set the precedent for racial preferences in admissions. One found that a point-system of preferences was unconstitutional, and the other determined that universities could consider race in admissions decisions as long as it was one of many factors.

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Group says UW-Madison admissions favor minorities

One found that a point-system of preferences was unconstitutional, and the other determined that universities could consider race in admissions decisions as long as it was one of many factors.

“It is not inappropriate to consider race and ethnicity as long as it’s done in a proper holistic review — taking into account all factors that the institution considers relevant to its mission — and not using quotas,” said Ada Meloy, general counsel for the American Council on Education.

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