The Daily Caller a Tabloid or Hard New Site? – Greta Van Susteren takes Tucker Carlson to the Wood Shed for "wombshifter" Headline

Imagine Mike Tyson saying something so vial  about any other woman. Here we see yet another example of the Mainstream media thinking it is O.K. to attack a conservative woman.  They remain silent while a seemingly conservative website goes cheap.  There is an old saying in the business, “if it bleeds it leads”.  Sarah Palin has been the but of jokes and insults since the 2008 election.  Maybe it is time for all in the new media to grow up and rise above the traditions of the past.

We here at Politisite where glad to see Greta Van Susteren take on Tucker Carlson on this issue. We thought the Daily Caller was going to be a Hard News site, seems to us that it is moving toward becoming a DC Tabloid.

Greta Van Susteren vs Tucker Carlson

via Greta Van Susteren vs Tucker Carlson – YouTube.


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