20 most conservative members of Congress according to Heritage Action Score Card

Washington (CNN) – Just how conservative is tea party darling Rep. Michele Bachmann?

According to new rankings released Friday by Heritage Action, sister organization to the Heritage Foundation, a Washington right-wing think tank, the Minnesota congresswoman is the ninth most conservative congressional member.

Described as “a comprehensive and revealing barometer of a lawmaker’s willingness to fight for conservative policies in Congress” on the organization’s website, the Heritage Foundation’s legislative scorecard ranks members based on decisions made through “30 votes and 5 co-sponsorship scores in the House and “19 votes and 4 co-sponsorship scores in the Senate.”

via Bachmann makes top ten in list of Congress’ most conservative – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs.

State District Name Party Score%
SC 3 Rep. Jeffrey Duncan R 100%
SC SC Sen. Jim DeMint R 99%
UT UT Sen. Mike Lee R 99%
GA 9 Rep. Tom Graves R 97%
UT 3 Rep. Jason Chaffetz R 96%
AZ 2 Rep. Trent Franks R 96%
OH 4 Rep. Jim Jordan R 96%
AZ 6 Rep. Jeff Flake R 95%
SC 5 Rep. Mick Mulvaney R 95%
MN 6 Rep. Michele Bachmann R 94%
SC 2 Rep. Joe Wilson R 94%
IL 8 Rep. Joe Walsh R 94%
KY KY Sen. Rand Paul R 94%
NJ 5 Rep. Scott Garrett R 93%
SC 4 Rep. Trey Gowdy R 93%
CO 5 Rep. Doug Lamborn R 93%
FL FL Sen. Marco Rubio R 93%
GA 10 Rep. Paul Broun R 91%
KS 1 Rep. Tim Huelskamp R 91%
IN 5 Rep. Dan Burton R 90%

via Heritage Action – ScoreCard.

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