20 most Liberal members of Congress according to Heritage Action Score Card

With each vote cast in Congress, freedom either advances or recedes. Heritage Action’s new legislative scorecard allows Americans to see whether their Members of Congress are fighting for freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society. The scorecard is comprehensive, covering the full spectrum of conservatism, and includes legislative action on issues both large and small.

Heritage Action’s legislative scorecard isn’t graded on a curve – it is tough and we don’t apologize. After all, we are conservatives, not tenured university professors.



State District Name Party Score%
CA 43 Rep. Joe Baca D 0%
AZ 8 Rep. Gabrielle Giffords D 0%
DC 79 Del. Eleanor Norton D 0%
HI HI Sen. Daniel Akaka D 0%
NM NM Sen. Jeff Bingaman D 0%
CA CA Sen. Barbara Boxer D 0%
CT CT Sen. Richard Blumenthal D 0%
WA WA Sen. Maria Cantwell D 0%
MD MD Sen. Benjamin Cardin D 0%
ND ND Sen. Kent Conrad D 0%
PA PA Sen. Bob Casey D 0%
DE DE Sen. Christopher Coons D 0%
IL IL Sen. Richard Durbin D 0%
CA CA Sen. Dianne Feinstein D 0%
MN MN Sen. Al Franken D 0%
HI HI Sen. Daniel Inouye D 0%
SD SD Sen. Tim Johnson D 0%
MA MA Sen. John Kerry D 0%
MN MN Sen. Amy Klobuchar D 0%

via Heritage Action – ScoreCard.

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