What America will miss at the Orlando GOP debate – McCotter goes three layers deep on the issues and political wow factor

By Albert N. Milliron

We have received a release that says former Governor Gary Johnson will be included in the Debate in Orlando on September 22nd.  Fox News says he has met the criteria of 1 percentage point in the five national polls prior to the debate.  One problem, there is another candidate who has done just as well.  This candidate also rated Below Newt Gingrich and Tied Rick Santorum in the California straw poll.  That candidate is Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter.  Gary Johnson came in tenth in that poll.

Here is another issue, some of the polling organizations are not even including McCotter in their polls at all.  So it is impossible for  McCotter to  meet the one percent criteria because he isn’t being included.  The last poll we looked at,  The USA Today/Gallup poll,  didn’t  have McCotter listed and showed Johnson with no numbers, but yet, Johnson is included in the debate. So how can McCotter get 1 percent if the pollsters don’t ask?

We wonder what the debate committees are afraid of.  Could it be that Thad McCotter can blow even the likes of Newt Gingrich off the stage in a debate?  Could it be that McCotter is a strange mix of an intellectual, who can play a mean Guitar, and throw one after another comments that can only compare to a something from a Dennis Miller segment on the Factor?  We don’t know.  What we do know is that the Congressman is getting a raw deal and someone should make a stink about our political process and the two parties who control who America will hear from.

McCotter is a Conservative Republican, Johnson is a Libertarian and should be running for the Libertarian nomination.  That is probably why the RPOF objected to his appearance.  We think Fox news likes the Sound bytes that come from  Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.  They are similar to the outer spaced and  spaced out Dennis Kucinich and  Mike Gravel the Democratic party served up in 2008.

We think one more podium for one debate and America might see a candidate that has, as the following article puts it, “Political Wow Factor”


Intellectually brilliant is how someone described Thad McCotter after meeting the Republican presidential primary candidate during an editorial board meeting last week.

Someone else on hand for McCotter’s visit, a senior member of the editorial board, described him as being on target with nearly every analysis and position during the more than hourlong discussion.

Yet despite these reviews, Thad McCotter, a congressman since 2002 from Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, is barely a blip on the presidential radar screen. It is a fact that led McCotter to politely complain he wasn’t even being included in some, if not most, of the presidential polls.

The jaded side of the editorial board attributes this to McCotter’s lack of pizazz. Had he entered the race with the charisma of candidate Barack Obama in 2008, McCotter would now be challenging some of the top tier candidates on the GOP side of the slate.

McCotter barely missed a beat during his time at Foster’s Daily Democrat, which owns the Sanford News. On issue after issue he went at least three layers deep.

On China — which he says should more correctly be called communist China (as it calls itself) — McCotter explained the need to treat the country of Tiananmen Square infamy the way it treats the United States. We need to understand that China is not a country that creates rather it is one that takes from others, such as its ongoing raid of U.S. intellectual properties.

As Foster’s editorial board would agree, despite supposed free-market reforms it is the Chinese government that still owns everything within its borders. When dealing with a Chinese company, the United States needs to understand it is dealing with the country’s communist-rooted leadership.

Read more  McCotter and the political wow factor – Fosters.


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RCP Average 9/8 – 9/18 28.2 19.6 11.5 9.8 6.8 6.2 5.4 1.8 1.4 Perry +8.6
USA Today/Gallup 9/15 – 9/18 31 24 13 5 5 5 2 1 Perry +7
CBS News/NY Times 9/10 – 9/15 23 16 5 7 7 5 1 1 Perry +7
Bloomberg 9/9 – 9/12 26 22 8 8 9 4 4 2 1 Perry +4
CNN/Opinion Research 9/9 – 9/11 30 18 15 12 4 5 5 2 2 Perry +12
PPP (D) 9/8 – 9/11 31 18 11 9 10 8 2 2 Perry +13

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Who is Thaddeus McCotter and why care?

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