Debate poll: Which GOP presidential candidate can best spur economic growth?

In the Fox News/Google Republican Presidential Debate Thursday night, who do you think has the best approach to spurring economic growth?

Results Thus far






Total of 1,157 votes
Ron Paul
(320 votes)
(257 votes)
Mitt Romney
(235 votes)
Jon Huntsman
(146 votes)
Rick Perry
(87 votes)
Herman Cain
(34 votes)
Newt Gingrich
(27 votes)
Gary Johnson
(21 votes)
Michele Bachmann
(19 votes)
Rick Santorum
(11 votes)

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We noticed that a Youtube Video used our poll results in their video as evidence that the Mainstream Media is keeping Ron Paul polling out of the news cycle.

Here is one of the reasons, most of these polls allowed multiple votes from the same IP Address. The National election is not American Idol. One person, One vote. The Ron Paul Mob focus on these online polls and crowd power them to their candidate. Politisite will be using a poll before the Iowa Caucus that will black multiple votes from a single IP address. Those results will be more representative of the electorate, but still not scientific. Stay Tuned.

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  1. I don’t get the post debate poll support for Paul.  What did he do or say that was anything other than extreme and near inflammatory?  I think there are some die hard supporters of Paul that make it their business to participate in these polls as fast as possible.  That is why you cannot really depend on these type of unscientific polls for any read on where a campaign is going.

    It is obvious Newt is the best qualified and most informed, and would be able to get the conservative message across better than any on the stage.  I believe the new contract with America will put him on the path for nomination.  I just went to all the candidates websites, and anyone that has not done this they should.  Newt’s is clear, concise, and is an overall best message for what is needed to defeat Obama.

    • So what SPECIFICALLY do you have against Ron Paul’s message?  Do you not understand that “limited government” will always tend to drive people to “self-governance”?  Is that what you are afraid of?  That you won’t have a big-as federal bureacracy guiding your precious life down every conceivable avenue of regulatory oversight with the promise of some big payout for your hard-earned over-taxed life anymore?  Your biggest problem with Dr. Paul appears to be that “some die hard supporters… make it their business to participate in these polls as fast as possible.”  Really?!?  So, in your mind, it seems that some of those who voted for Dr. Paul are cheating somehow.  How lame:  everyone else on the stage only WISHES they had a message like Dr. Paul.  Don’t act like  a fool any longer:  look DEEP into his record.  Find out everything about his message and THEN come back here and give us the specifics about what makes Dr. Paul such a push-over.  Then explain to all of us ‘rubes’ how Newt Gingrich’s “New Contract With America” beats out it’s oldest and, at one time, most cherished one, “The Constitution of the United States of America”.

      • Don’t get me wrong – I am a supporter of many of Dr. Paul’s positions.  But his stance on Afghanistan and Iraq are naive and purists, as is his stance on protecting our borders.

        As we have in the past, we have to keep in mind as constitutionalists (believe it or not I am) that we need to nominate someone who can win the election.  Being a purist in your ideals is great to influence the discussion, but the reality is we need a strong leader that has the ability to convince voters that the republic needs to be reformed.  Speaker Gingrich has all the tools to do this, and will not bumble and spout rhetoric like others on the stage do.  He speaks from the heart and the brain.

        All of this may be moot, since there is soon to be another candidate that is being convinced to enter the race.  It is all about the money…sorry to say…and the big money has been on the sidelines so far waiting for this candidate to change his mind.

        Let us hope that whoever is the beneficiary of the “big money” can keep it together and unite us under common goal of swinging that pendulum back the other way…

        Dr. Paul is a good man, but we are going to need more than that this next election…regardless of how feckless our current president seems to be.

        • The problem I have with Gingrich is he will have to choose between doing the right thing and doing what his thousands of friends in Washington want him to do in support of “the Party”. I’m not sure he’s strong enough to make the correct choice. Whenever he speaks, he looks like he’s touting his new book, or just looking for applause. We need a uniter, and only someone with a history as an independent, not rooted in one political party or another, can help guide us on the difficult path to recovery.

          • Well noted, The General.  However, if you look deeper into Newt (go to his website) there is a reform agenda.  If he were part of the Washington insider group, really, he would have had more support thus far.  From a pure agenda, tools, knowledge, and ability to respond with facts on the fly pov, he is the entire package. 

            There are some negatives, but we all have them, as do all the candidates in some form.  No one is perfect.  But as I said before, it may all be moot because the big money is still on the sidelines and waiting for Christy to enter the race.

            So perhaps our best ticket would be Christy and Gingrich; the best of both worlds?  The hutzbah to get things done, and the knowledge of how to do it.  The more complicated the world gets the more you need leaders that have substance and knowledge, and not just the ability talk.

            We have the same goals.  Let us look past the surface and dig deep…all of us.

  2. I have been keeping track in the last couple of GOP debates – the CNN and the FOXNews debates.  The bulk of time has given to Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.  The moderators at the beginning said the questioning would be fair.  NOT SO!  To top this off, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry were able to spar back and forth many times.  I wanted to hear more from the other candidates.  Those who were given the least amount of questions – therefore the least amount of time were Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

    This is shameful.  It’s like this is the Rick Perry vs. Mitt Romney debates.  In future debates I want to hear from all of the candidates equally.  Plus, they all should be given a question that all can answer.  How else can we stack up one against the other?