McCotter drops presidential Bid, calls termination, "death by media"

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter told The Detroit News this afternoon he is leaving the race for the Republican presidential nomination after he failed to win access to the Republican presidential debates.

“If they keep you out of the debates, you are out of the conversation and you can’t run,” McCotter said. “It was sort of death by media.

McCotter said he will give his support to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Michigan native, and will likely run again for the 11th District congressional seat he’s held since 2003.

McCotter said he would back Romney after the Massachusetts governor made it clear he wouldn’t seek a federal health care overhaul like the one Massachusetts adopted when he was governor. “Especially with his business background and in a stagnant economy, he may be the most electable,” McCotter said.

He likes Romney rival Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but said the country isn’t ready for another Texas president so soon after President George W. Bush. “He may be a vice presidential nominee,” McCotter said.

All three will be at the Michigan Republican Party’s Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island this weekend.

Ryan Williams, a spokesman for Romney, said the campaign was pleased to have McCotter’s support. “We’re happy he’s decided to join the team and help the governor spread his strong pro-growth, pro-jobs message across Michigan,” he said.

McCotter began his long-shot bid for the White House in July, billing himself as the voice for a new generation of conservatives.

Thad McCotter Endorses Mitt Romney

And while McCotter has, at times, been a harsh critic of the former Massachusetts governor (see McCotter’s appearance on ABC’s “Top Line” in July) who is running behind Rick Perry in most national polls, he said Romney has “the business background people are looking for in tough economic times.”

McCotter said that Romney has something else going for him: he’s “been vetted through one presidential race already.”

“In a general election,” McCotter told ABC, “Governor Romney stacks up better.”via Thad McCotter Ends Presidential Bid, Endorses Mitt Romney – ABC News.


From Congressman Thad McCotter

Today, effective immediately, I have withdrawn my candidacy to become the Republican Party’s nominee for the Office of President of the United States of America.

Your generous, inspiring support of my campaign made it possible to take our message of restructuring government, reforming the big bailout banks and peace through strength directly to the American people at a grassroots level. On Main Street, in Iowa, New Hampshire and all across our great Nation, people understand this message is the way to transcend our challenges, revitalize our economy, defend our freedom and bequeath our exceptional nation to our children. The Democrats and their lobbyist, Barack Obama, disagree. They’ve grown big government’s spending, taxes, red tape, deficits and debt and prolonged this recession. Yet in their irresponsibility, the Democrats remain united in their party unity behind Barack Obama.

It is time for us to do the same. We cannot unite America if we divide the movement of Principled Conservatism. The time has come for the Tea Party and the Republican Party to come together to serve and save this great nation. Thus, upon having withdrawn my candidacy, I have endorsed Governor Mitt Romney to become our Republican Party’s nominee. We must unite behind the candidate best capable of defeating Barack Obama on November 6, 2012—Mitt Romney is that candidate.

The actions of the Administration and the Democratic Senate show what America knows: we are being neither led nor governed. Our struggle continues. The American people deserve leadership in Washington that understands America’s exceptionalism is not our burden but our birthright; and that America’s ultimate strength and salvation remains the unfathomable grace of God and virtuous genius of her free people. This is why I have decided to seek re-election to continue to serve as your United States Representative for Michigan’s new 11th Congressional District; and, I am committed to promoting and implementing a platform of principled conservatism.

Truly, Michigan and America’s best days are ahead of us because of you. Together we will transcend our challenges; revitalize our economy; defend our freedom; and bequeath our exceptional nation to our children. If I am again entrusted to be your servant, I would continue to be honored to work for you.

Thaddeus McCotter

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