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Florida Straw Poll Results


Today at the Republican Party of Florida’s Presidency 5, 2,657 delegates cast their votes in the Party’s straw poll. The results of that straw poll are in and are as follows:

  1. Herman Cain, 37.1%
  2. Rick Perry, 15.4%
  3. Mitt Romney, 14.0%
  4. Rick Santorum, 10.9%
  5. Ron Paul, 10.4%
  6. Newt Gingrich, 8.4%
  7. Jon Huntsman, 2.3%
  8. Michele Bachmann, 1.5%

by Albert N. Milliron

(Orlando)– Florida will hold it’s straw poll today, September 24, 2011 at 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. The results are to be announced close to 6:00 p.m. after the votes are certified.

There are many straw polls held throughout America but the organizers state that Florida has some significant differences.  Unlike the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, those who vote in this straw poll are actual delegates to the Florida Convention.  In Ames, the Straw Poll is more of a fund raiser than anything else.  Those who vote there for a candidate are wooed to the candidate tents by the various perks that are being handed out.   One year, some of the more wealthy candidates would pay for thousands of tickets, this year at $30.00 each, then provided rib-eye steak and on on opposite tent Shrimp Dinners.

This year  in Ames  there where your usual tents that hand Live Music, good food, and hand outs for all of the participants.  Many of the candidates Bused in their people and paid for thousands of tickets.  The candidate with the least money this year was Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter.  McCotter played Guitar with a band that included family members.  He handed out something like Freeze Pops.

Even with the candidates paying for nearly everything, the participants are not required to vote for the candidate that provided the gifts, doing so would be illegal.  The candidates do their best to keep control of their group and make sure they get to the polling area.  Hoping that they had provided the best overall experience and made sure they shook enough hands to win the poll.

So at the Ames Straw poll you can bus in nearly anyone, hand him, her or the dog a ticket and try to get them to cast a vote for your or your candidate.  In Florida you must be a delegate who has been involved in the process and worked your way up.  A delegate is a representative of the people in their City, County or District.  The outcome of these two types of straw polls can be different because of the process involved.

Today’s straw poll organizers brag that the winner of each poll here has gone on to become the Republican Nominee.  These are the same bragging rights that those in South Carolina use, as the winner of the First in the South primary has gone on to win the GOP nomination for the last forty years.

So today, we will see if the Florida tradition continues.  The results will be broadcasted live on the Stream below and the results will be posted here as soon as the numbers are announced.

What we are hearing from people on the Conference floor:  Rick Perry may not get the win here today as was expected before the Conference.  Many folks are disappointed at his debate performance.

Mitt Romney has positive remarks and the gap between Perry and Romney is probably closing.

Herman Cain has gained a great deal of Momentum by his debate performance and his speeches.  The Buzz is he will do very well in the Straw poll today.

Gingrich is liked for his intellectual abilities and his debate performance was better than the prior debates.  There is still concern about his personal life and his approval ratings by independents in the polls.

Santorum has gained some momentum following his debate.  Social conservatives like him.

Bachmann seems to have lost momentum and is not expected to win as she did here in Iowa.

Here is where Politisite makes its Politisite Political Prediction –  This one is much more difficult than Iowa.  Florida is not a Southern state politically.  Most of Florida is like Northeast and Midwest.  The term is losing it’s definition but there are many Rockefeller Republicans here.  There are some exceptions, The Florida panhandle is  very socially conservative.  Florida can be considered  a “purple” state meaning it swings from Republican to Democrat.

We think That Perry will not win today even though he is, “going all out” as we heard it said here.  We think Romney will top the ticket even though he is not participating in any Straw Polls.  Behind Romney we think Cain will be second. Bachmann is beginning to have financial troubles, so she is not putting a lot of resources here.   So here is our list.  We give it a confidence level of 35%.  Meaning I wouldn’t bet on it.  In Iowa we had a confidence level of 90%.

  1. Romney
  2. Cain
  3. Perry
  4. Bachmann
  5. Gingrich
  6. Santorum
  7. Paul
  8. Huntsman

We have really put our reputation on the line as Romney is not even interested in this event.  There is the ‘second thought’ part of me that says Cain could win this thing.  Am I wrong?  Tell us your list in the Comments.

Check back at 6:00 p.m. for the results.

Presidential Candidate Remarks
1:35 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Presidential Straw Poll
4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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Perry to GOP straw poll voters: ‘I’ve got all my hopes on Florida’

Rick Scott’s Presidency 5 speech

About Albert N. Milliron 6991 Articles
Albert Milliron is the founder of Politisite. Milliron has been credentialed by most major news networks for Presidential debates and major Political Parties for political event coverage. Albert maintains relationships with the White House and State Department to provide direct reporting from the Administration’s Press team. Albert is the former Public Relations Chairman of the Columbia County Republican Party in Georgia. He is a former Delegate. Milliron is a veteran of the US Army Medical Department and worked for Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Psychiatry.


  1. I guess the Florida delegates aren’t much for peace & bringing the troops home as Dr. Paul advocates. Also, I understand illegal drugs are a big part of business in Florida, and if the War On Drugs was ended by Dr. Paul, there would go the biggest part of their economy. What I can’t understand is how they could support Mr.Cain, former member of the Federal Reserve of Kansas City? The Fed is printing money so fast, it’s making our savings evaporate into thin air. Guess they have so much money, inflation isn’t a problem for them. Maybe it’s because money comes in suitcases most often down there.

  2. I like Cain. I think he’s honest. However, he was the head of one branch of the Federal Reserve and I’m concerned about his loyalty to that despicable and diabolical banking cartel that has ruined this country. For that reason I would not vote for him.

    • I also worked for the Strategic Air Command, Burger King, and was the CEO of a Pizza Joint… He must hate America.  I am sure the Federal reserve hasn’t  implanted a chip in him to follow the rules of the New World Order.  His 999 plan places him in the “less government” category.

      He is exciting in a pretty boring field.  A glass of ice water in a desert of you will. 

  3. The most recent Zogby poll shows Cain third behind Romney by 2% points and a statistical dead heat between Cain and Obama with likely republican voters. There is a growing of momentum in his campaign with potential for it to shoot through the roof if he can get known quickly. A top three finish for Cain in this poll will be significant and an improvement from his 5th place showing in Ames. Cain is operating his campaign on a shoe string budget and by keeping his debt minimul, could hang around long enough to become known by more republicans and most importantly, Independents like me who will undoubtably prefer 999 over status quo.

  4. I wish I could see Albert N. Milliron’s face when he sees RON PAUL win this thing. #7?! Seriously, give me a break.  This article doesn’t even mention the fact that Ron Paul was second in Ames and that he freaking won California’s straw poll last week. Give me an F-ing break.

    I’m going to screenshot (ctrl+print screen then paste in Paintbrush) his predictions so I can make fun of him to my friends later on. We’re gonna have a hoot!

    Oh Mr. Milliron? Why don’t you mention Ron Paul’s hugely close second in Ames and his complete domination in California?

    He puts the freakin’ CEO of the pizza franchise over a war veteran and doctor.  God help us all with writers as transparent as Albert N. Milliron.

    RON PAUL 2012. Bring the troops back home…no one wants their parents or children to die!  You can make a difference! VOTE FOR RON PAUL!

  5. You say “we have really put our reputation on the line”.  You certainly have. And you have put you bias on open display when you completely ignore Ron Paul.  Even when the  political contest is dumbed down to a horserace game, you’re not reporting it honestly but using your site to push the results you want.    An honest assessment would not have put Paul at the next to last position.

  6. I have to admit, if it was up to the people, Ron Paul would win by a landslide.  I am nervous that since these are “delegate” votes, that it wont truly represent the views of the voters of the majority of staw polls in ’11, and that is RON PAUL 2012!

  7. Typically, you are NOT giving Ron Paul any credit. He IS a CANDIDATE! HE IS a CONTENDER! HE IS the RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB!  No Rhetoric, NO LIES. He means what he says. The others are media Hyped. Ron Pauls numbers today will surprise you. But you will keep putting him down. Why, for God’s sake Don’t you like him?Is it because he’s Honest? Are you so used to lies that this is all you expect to hear? He will do a good job. Politicians hate him and that’s why I like him. He gets my vote!

    • Read this Obama, Ron Paul in Statistical Dead Heat!
      and this
      Ames Straw Poll Pundit Predictions

      “Typically” is not accurate and “NOT giving Ron Paul any credit” is beyond false.  You might want to actually read the blog you re blasting before you make allegations. 

      Politisite gives Dr. Ron Paul credit when it is reflected in the polls and our analysis of the political environment.  We will not be bullied by supporters because we do not mention Paul in a good light in every post.  Doing so would destroy the creditability we have developed during our 16 years working in and writing about the political world.

  8. People underestimate Ron Paul at every corner.

    I think he will have a respectable finish if not a surprise upset depending on how corupt the delegate selection is in Florida.

    Ron Paul wins every single internet poll and is the only candidate with a consistent track record and plan to stop the economic cliff we are teetering on.

    Cain is a cool dude and I like him, but he does not have what Ron Paul has spent 30 years building on.

    Given that mainstream media has finally had to admit Ron Paul is top tier at this point and still tries to sabotage and censor him the only question at this point is …

    “Are Americans fed up with being lied to by schills?”.

  9. Herman Cain thought he had the Georgia GOP Straw Poll in the bag last week. He did win the poll: by 3 votes over Ron Paul.
    Aside from enthusiastic supporters, Ron Paul has a big advantage from any secret ballot: activists who would never admit it are comfortable voting for Ron Paul.
    BTW: In head-to-head matchups, RealClearPolitics reports that ONLY Romney and Ron Paul can beat Obama.

  10. ron paul will win yet agin ……why do you keep ignoring ron paul …after he wins time and time again!!!!!               …  you are losing all respect……the people of this world have to look for there news eslewhere….because none of the mainstream media can be trusted anymore!!!!!

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