Michigan Straw Poll Results – September 25, 2011

 Our Headline in 2008 read, Romney Played well in the Mitt.  In 2011 Romney runs away with the Mitt.

Romney wins Michigan straw poll by 34 percentage points.  As Horse races go,  if you Bet win, Place, or Show, in the last two Straw Polls you would have been in the money on Romney, Perry, and Cain.

From our standpoint, Cain is slowly becoming the “Mike Huckabee” of the 2012 election. His polling numbers have gone from the single digits to “in the Money” after making a blunder or two on the campaign trail.

While we still see Romney as the front runner and Perry as the “shiny penny in the room”  We think  Cain may become the guy to watch a he continues to score high numbers in the Gallup polls Positive Intensity numbers.


29th Biennial Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll Results

  1. Mitt Romney 51%
  2. Rick Perry 17%
  3. Herman Cain 9%
  4. Ron Paul 8%
  5. Michele Bachmann 4%
  6. Newt Gingrich  4%
  7. Rick Santorum 3%
  8. Jon Huntsman Jr. 2%


  1. Marco Rubio
  2. Herman Cain

Note: The straw poll was organized and sponsored by National Journal Hotline and the National Association of Home Builders

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