The POTUS is for the Flat Tax – Obama: A Billionaire Should Pay Same Tax Rate as Janitor – Video

I just watched the latest episode of Jon Stewart on the Daily show make fun of every misstep and misspeak of the GOP filed.  Calling them idiots one by one.

Now I am not expecting Stewart to be “fair and balanced” but I think one mention of his multiple Gaffs and his attempt at Ebonics at his speak to the Congressional Black Caucus this week.

One blatant Gaff was when President Obama stated pretty clearly that a Billionaire should pay the same tax rate as a Janitor.  Finally something I can agree on.  A Flat Tax for all classes.  Finally Obama wants to stop class warfare.. opps.. He read his speech wrong, and the White House Made sure they released the speech and not what was spoken.

Some commentators said while he was doing the Obama stutter, said Obama said a Billionaire should make as much as a Jew…. But aren’t all Billionaires Jewish?

and a Jewish Janitor, well I have never met one, but I am sure he has some great stories to tell.

Note form Editor:  Understand that the attempts to stereo-type were satirical and do not reflect the views of the write or But we do aspire to be Billionaire Jewish Janitors if that were at all possible.

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