DoD US Military Casualties in Afghanistan as of 23 September 2011

By Karl Gotthardt, Politisite Canadian and Military Editor
This has been a politically charged week in world affairs.  As leaders of nations around the world met in New York City at the United Nations, there were discussions on the way ahead in Libya, what to do about Syria and other trouble spots in the Middle East.   The Israeli/ Palestine issue caught the headlines, with highly charged speeches by President Obama, President Mahmud Abbas and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.   In the end Abbas did what he came to do when he came to New York, he handed an application for Palestinian statehood to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.   Meanwhile the war in Afghanistan is still taking its toll and another eight U.S. servicemen have been killed there this week, albeit all of them reported as non-combat deaths.  Another 198 have been wounded.

Afghanistan continues to be a dangerous place, as was demonstrated when Afghanistan’s top peace negotiator and former President was killed in a suicide attack.  While Taliban leaders have been targeted by U.S. drone attacks, the Taliban has targeted Afghan government institutions, officials, security installations and NATO forces.  It remains to be seen  whether or not Afghanistan will be able to handle its own security by 2014.

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