Why did the Tea Party Elect Allen West, Tim Scott and supports Herman Cain? Dr. Janeane Garofalo says it's all racism – YouTube

Wow what insight… First the Tea Party was racist against a Black President, Barack Obama and wanted him out of office.  Now the Tea Party is racist and is voting Black Congressman like Florida and South Carolina Congressman West and Scott.

Now the Tea Party is Racist because they support Herman Cain for President.  OK I get it.  The Tea Party is racist despite what it says or does.  That sounds like the left spin machine and the belief that people are stupid and can’t remember what they said last time hey were on TV or on a Stump Speech.

I know the Tea Party is a thorn in the side of the left and their ability to organize and out perform Democrats. Seems to us that the Left hates that the GOP is and always has been open to all.  The Democrat spin machine is breaking down and more Black and Hispanics candidates are being elected under the Republican party in the last 50 years.

The Video here of for your entertainment.  What we do know, is more folks will see Garofalo and Olbermann here than on Current TV.  Enjoy

“People like Karl Rove liked to keep the racism very covert. And so Herman Cain provides this great opportunity say you can say ‘Look, this is not a racist, anti-immigrant, anti-female, anti-gay movement. Look we have a black man!’” Garofalo hypothesized. “Look he’s polling well and won a straw poll!”

Keith and comedian, raconteur and “man about town” Janeane Garofalo discuss Palin’s assessment of the popularity of “Herb Caen” in the GOP primary race and why Herman Cain – the politician, not the late Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist – is useful to the GOP.

via Janeane Garofalo discusses the racism behind the GOP fondness for Herman Cain – YouTube.

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