Florida GOP moves election Primary up to January 31st, Other states to act

by Albert N. Milliron

Politisite has maintained the position that South Carolina is the most appropriate state to represent the south in the early primaries.  It has the diversity essential for political contenders to gauge how they would do in the southern states.

We maintain that Florida IS NOT a southern state.  It has the demographics of the Northeast.  With the exception of the Florida Panhandle which emulates the south,having a First in the South Primary in Florida would not represent the south.

based on what I am hearing from the Chairman in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, each will also make a decision to move up their primary.

There is a problem, the Republican National Committee has rules about having a primary set to far in advance.  Four years ago, the same problem occurred and Florida and South Carolina ended up in the same type of fight to be First in the South (FITS) and lost some of their delegates to the national convention.

GOP leaders are going to have to figure which is more important, being the fist primary or having the full weight of all of their delegates.

Here is the Release from the Republican Party of Florida:

(RPOF)–Today, under the authority provided them by Florida statute and their selection by Governor Scott, Speaker Cannon and Senate President Haridopolos, the nine members of the Presidential Preference Primary Date Selection Committee chose January 31st as our state’s date.

As I have said before, the Republican Party of Florida was always prepared to work with the date selected by those with the legal authority to do so. We appreciate that the Committee engaged in a thorough process. That process included discussion of a range of dates from January 3rd to March 6th or later, so this compromise of January 31st  properly reflects the importance Florida will play on the national stage. We look forward to having a great primary, and then hosting a world-class convention for our party’s nominee. Florida will be the most important state in our efforts to defeat Barack Obama

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