Democrats want Revisions to Obama Jobs Bill With a Tax on Millionaires – So forget "pass this bill right away"

By the Way President Obama has been talking, you would have thought that it was Congressman Eric Cantor and the Republicans that were obstructing the Jobs Bill called the American Jobs Act. Obama also said the bill was paid for and would not cost Americans any money until 2013.

Today we learned that Democrats don’t like the bill in it’s current form and want to pass a 5% tax on Millionaires this year.  So Obama, being in full campaign mode, has not been telling America the truth.

Lets call it what it is, the American Jobs act is an unpopular bill, not paid for, and the GOP are not the obstructionists.  This is the Man who gave you Hope and Change but now wants you to give him an extension on his three year proposition that said, he would have the economy turned around or he would be a one term President.

He should just make a Johnson like announcement now, so that another candidate could step up and make their plan known to America.  The way we see things, portions of his cabinet will be stepping down this year or early next anyway.

ABC News put it this way:

Hoping to win Democratic support for the president’s jobs bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today announced he’s tweaking the $447 billion plan by substituting some of Obama’s provisions for a tax increase on the “richest of the rich,” those earning $1 million a year or more.

“The American people believe it is time for millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share to help this country thrive,” Reid said on the Senate floor this morning. “So when Democrats bring this commonsense job legislation to the floor, we’ll ask Americans who make more than $1 million a year to contribute more to help this country reduce its jobs deficit.”

via Democrats Revise Obama Jobs Bill With a New Tax on Millionaires – ABC News.

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