In 2009 Democrats Fought AGAINST "Millionaire Tax"

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Sometimes it is really amazing how quickly politicians flip-flop. Anybody who hasn’t been on Mars or one of the outer planets during the past few weeks knows how the Congressional Democrats have been playing class warfare, setting up successful people as being selfish and not wanting to pay their “fair share” of Taxes.

But back in 2009 it was a very different story.  During the Obamacare debate Nancy Pelosi was trying to legislate that Obamacare would be partially funded via a surtax on the “rich” ($250,000+ income). Democrats in both houses fought that suggestion “tooth and nail,” and Pelosi’s attempt was defeated.

Back then Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) told USA Today
“Still, the idea has been criticized by some Democrats. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said Tuesday that he has ‘not heard much support’ from his colleagues.” (“House Dems’ Health Bill Would Tax Rich,” USA Today, 7/15/09)

See the Multiple quotes compiled by YID With LID: In 2009 Democrats Fought AGAINST “Millionaires Tax”.

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