This is Journalism at WaPo? Families Flee Alabama, Split apart, not because of a tornado or hurricane but because of a hate filled immigration law

The Washington Post has outdone itself with this story.  The Alabama Immigration law is worse than a Hurricane or a Tornado tearing families apart. What symbolism and writing that makes you see the Illegal Immigrants pulled away like a great wind.  It could only come from the mean spirited Republican attacks on poor people.We are wondering, if these folks are within the law, what is the reason they are scattering and leaving Alabama?  Could it be that they have broke the law?   Read on and see the left-wing journalist try to pull your heartstrings.  I mean next thing you know, they will want them to have photo Identification  to vote in an Election.  Horrors!

Foley, Ala. — Trailer by trailer, yard sale by yard sale, and pew by empty pew, a poor but tight-knit immigrant community on Alabama’s breezy Gulf Coast is rapidly disintegrating.

This time it is not a tornado or hurricane uprooting families and scattering them to the winds. It is a new state law, largely upheld last week by a federal district judge, that seeks to drive illegal immigrants from the state by curtailing many of their rights, punishing anyone who knowingly employs, houses or assists them, and requiring schools and police to verify immigrants’ legal status.


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