Democrats are More prejudicial against Mormons than Republicans

The Mainstream Media is focusing on a statement from one evangelical Christin about Mormon being a cult.   Two of the GOP candidates are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints commonly called Mormons.

But Republicans may not be the most prejudicial against Mormons.  A Gallup poll saw this:

Democrats Less Tolerant of Mormons in elections Media Credit Photo: Michael Brandy

Indeed, the survey says 27 percent of Democrats said they would not vote for a Mormon as opposed to only 18 percent of Republicans and 19 percent of Independents. All of which goes to show when it comes to religious bias, so-called liberals may turn out to be less tolerant than conservatives.

via Polling Prejudice Against Mormons: Democrats Worse Than GOP « Commentary Magazine.

That is a poll you probably won’t see highlighted in the evening news.  Democrats like to tout that they are tolerant toward people of various faiths and ethnic groups.  But in this poll it doesn’t appear that that is the case.  There is a 9 percent gap between Democrats vs Republicans not voting for someone based on the fact that they are a member of the Mormon Faith.  That is well outside of the margin of error in this poll.

So, it may be an issue for primary voters to be concerned if they were to vote for Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman that they would be rejected by more Democrats in the General election then Republicans in the Primary.

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