Obama drinks Beer with unemployed man convicted of Drunk Driving and DRUGS

President Obama stopped in for a Preselected photo-op with Unemployed Pipe-fitters at Harp and Celt Restaurant & Irish Pub in Central Florida.  Turns out, through Florida’s open-records law that one of the workers, Mark McKim, of Sanford Florida was convicted of DUI, possession of Drugs.

One would think that the Obama Team would have vetted the Unemployed worked for any priors., You know so maybe the reason he is unemployed is because he has convictions on his record.  We first heard about this when Red State Editor, Erick Erickson posted a Twitter of the Man drinking with Obama and a Mug shot of a man Bearing the same name.  We compared the Pool report to make sure the names matched.. and they did.

Between two fundraisers schedule in Central Florida yesterday, President Obama also stopped for a beer with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and four area unemployed construction workers. Obama and Dyer drank Guinness stouts at the Harp and Celt Restaurant & Irish Pub, 25 Magnolia Ave., while the construction workers drank Budweiser.

via Obama has beer with unemployed, Mayor | www.wdbo.com.

Unemployed plumber who drank beer with President Obama: old DUI/pot bust “a stupid mistake”; meeting, “thrill of a lifetime”

Unemployed plumber Mark McKim of Sanford got an unexpected thrill Tuesday night when he found himself having a beer with the president of the United States, and then got some unwanted attention: news reports of a drunk driving and marijuana arrest he had in 2006.

“I made a stupid mistake five years ago. That’s what I did,” McKim said this morning. “That’s all I did.”

via .Orlando Sentinel.


@EWErickson Erick Erickson,Okay, compare this: wdbo.com/ap/ap/us/lawma… to this mug shot. Same guy? yfrog.com/h7hu1vovj
Beer with the President – Participants

  • Michael Whidden, unemployed pipefitter from Gotha, FL
  • Patricia Mooney-Hildebrand, unemployed pipefitter from Titusville, FL
  • Mark Mckim, Unemployed plumber from Sanford, FL
  • Jesse Morgan, unemployed pipefitter from Auburndale, FL
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