Occupy Boston shuts down Fundraiser for the Poor, Conservatives Step in to raise Thousands

The Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy announced today that the Greenway Mobile Food Fest, which was planned for Saturday, October 15, has been postponed until the Spring.

According to a representative for the Greenway, the event was cancelled because so many members of Occupy Boston are camping on Dewey Square.

Saturday’s event was to include 12 mobile food vendors, many of them in large trucks. The rep says Dewey Square is the only area large enough to accommodate the event and because of safety concerns, the event has to be postponed.

Conservatives Save the Day!

The Greater Boston Food Bank intended to have a fundraising event in Boston’s Dewey Square over the weekend of the 14th of October. It was to be called the “Greenway Mobile Food Fest” and was supposed to help raise funds to feed the poor and needy. But due to the tantrums being thrown by the Occupy Boston protestors the event had to be canceled.

Despite the selfishness of these pointless, clueless protesters, though, conservative bloggers stepped in and raised over $3,000 for the food bank. An important question is, where is the media on this story? Isn’t this a perfect sort of human-interest story that media types usually love?

The media should love this. It’s got clueless, uninformed, cretins hurting an organization that helps feed the needy. It has a more caring group rising to the challenge to help replace those lost donations. Perfect story, right?

Ah, except that it is conservatives in the role of good guy and the Old Media can’t have that, now can they?

via Occupy Boston Ruins Food Bank Fundraiser, Conservatives Step in With $3,700 Fund Drive | Right Wing News.


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