DOJ wants to implement DADT for Illegal Immigrants

D.C Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell – Don’t Worry

The post 9-11 world dictates that there are very public few places in Washington, D.C. where lawfully abiding residents and commuters are not discretely monitored, politely questioned, or upon entering buildings, physically searched. But while we accept scrutiny in order to enhance public safety, illegal aliens – those who have broken U.S. laws and whose unknown motives may deserve the most scrutiny – enjoy the least, thanks to a longstanding sanctuary policy reinforced this week.

Letting the powerful illegal alien lobbies know that he’s looking out for their best interests, Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has signed an executive order formalizing the existing “don’t-ask-don’t-tell” policy which prohibits police from inquiring about the immigration status of people they arrest or reporting that status to federal authorities.

The mayor claims that D.C. police are not in the business of enforcing federal immigration laws. Does that mean his officers won’t pursue bank robbers or kidnappers if they come in contact with perpetrators of crimes typically handled by federal agencies?

If any city in America has a history of working closely with their federal partners, it’s Washington, D.C. The sanctuary policy is not about jurisdiction, it’s about defying immigration enforcement with great fanfare to whip up political support with a growing Hispanic community.

Police are authorized and have a responsibility to enforce all laws, unless of course they’re specifically told by their local jurisdiction not to. Asking about immigration status after lawful conduct and reasonable suspicion doesn’t transform any police officer into an ICE agent, it simply allows that officer to conduct a basic precept of law enforcement – don’t catch and release lawbreakers and jeopardize public safety.

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Meanwhile Dominican Republic to Target Illegal Immigrants and America is Building A Border Fence – On the Canadian Border? and Mexico is for building border security fence, in Guatemala . 

Things just don’t make sense.

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