More 'Stimulus' Sugar Highs or More Jobs?

October 23, 2011 Posted by Speaker Boehner’s Press Office Permalink

While the House prepares to vote on another bipartisan element of the president’s jobs plan this week, President Obama is out touting more of the same failed “‘stimulus’ sugar highs.” The House is focused on finding common ground between both parties and removing government barriers to private-sector job growth. The jobs bill tracker on follows House-passed jobs bills and highlights where they are in the legislative process. Check out the jobs bill tracker here and learn more below:

More ‘Stimulus’ Spending is No Substitute for Pro-Growth Policies That Help Create Jobs

  • Here’s a closer look at some of the House-passed bills still stuck in the Senate — jobs bills that stop excessive government regulations, expand American energy production, and more.

The ‘Stimulus’ Didn’t Work Last Time & More “Short-Term” Policies Won’t Work This Time

  • Peter Orszag, former Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Director, admits “the Obama stimulus program” in 2009 “was absolutely wrong in structure,” casting doubt on the need for more of the same.
  • Stanford economist John B. Taylor says more temporary measures like those proposed by the president “will not jump-start the recovery, which is what is needed to really reduce unemployment.”

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