Perry Receives "Key" South Carolina Endorsement, Meets with Governor Haley

By Albert N. Milliron

Governor Rick Perry is picking up an endorsement, I am not sure it can be considered “Key”.  But as politics go, when you are down in the polls, you have to get a few nods and propose new ideas.  We have often seen the nods tern into Wags and the New Ideas fall by the wayside following an election.  President Obama is a good example of upsetting his base and turning into the President who didn’t close Gitmo, Deported more Illegals than his predecessor, and  kills off American citizens following an OK from a secret Panel.

As for Governor Perry, his team knew when to pull the trigger.  The Real Clear Politics Frontrunner, Herman Cain has made a few blunders of late.  His Talk Show Host background is catching up to him.  Running for President is not the same a being a “Shock Jock”.

The Politisite Political Projections  see Herman Cain drop in the polls substantially (10 points) but we don’t see perry picking up the numbers.  We think They will go to the Close third, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Cain and Gingrich have an event scheduled in Texas that is supposed to reflect the “Lincoln v. Douglas  debates.  Following a debate with Gingrich, if he doesn’t come off to snooty, Gingrich will prove his superiority in debate. We have mentioned here before that Herman Cain is good at sound bytes.

While his Campaign disagrees with us, It will become apparent when Gingrich can anticipate the moves three questions ahead and go several levels deep.

Look for Gingrich to pick up 5 of those lost points, 2 to Perry, and 3 to Romney.

Perry is putting in some major political capital in South Carolina.  First he announces here and now he lays out his Flat Tax plan.   While Cain leads the Polls here.  Primary day is an eternity in the political world.  If Cain doesn’t play well in Iowa or New Hampshire, He may not make it to South Carolina to play at all.

Keep in mind that we projected 2 months ago that Herman Cain would win the South Carolina primary.  We have cringed twice since we made that projection.   Cains last blunder on Abortion may be the blow to knock him out of winning the south.

As the old Chinese proverb goes…. We will see.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Texas Governor Rick Perry will receive an endorsement for the 2012 GOP nomination from South Carolina Speaker of the House Robert Harrell on Tuesday, Fox News has learned.

The endorsement will take place at the State House in Columbia following Perry’s jobs and economic plan speech in Gray Court, South Carolina.

According to South Carolina Republican sources, Perry will meet with Governor Nikki Haley after the endorsement.

Read more:Fox News.
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  1. Of all the candidates I think that New Gingrich is the best debater and also a candidate that has the background experience.  Whether or not that can translate into winning the nomination remains to be seen.  No doubt if Gingrich were the nominee, the Democrats would dig up all the past excessive baggage. 

    • You can be sure that the Democrat Oppositional research team is burning the midnight oil. Romney has been Vetted. Problem is, Flip-Flops more than Flipper. Gingrich is a serial monogamist and had an affair while he was going after Clinton over Lewinsky. I like Newt, he is an excellent historian… I just think he would be better in an advisory cabinet position.

      It all comes down to what America needs right now.. someone who can do some math and can understand how to free up business. Now Herman Cain is a Math Guy, but He gets himself in trouble with Reporters. When all the chips fall, I think Romney will come out ahead. He is not my choice,,. But it is not really what I think, it is what America needs. America needs a man who knows both politics and Business.

      There are no Ronald Reagan’s in this cycle.. But Half of them can beat the President Hands down.

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