S.C. Democratic Party chair Dick Harpootlian calls the GOP a "parade of Republican losers"

S.C. Democratic Party chair Dick Harpootlian is an embarrassment to the Good people in the Democratic party who are tired of name calling and personal attacks. Harpootlian is an example of why tens of thousands of South Carolinians will cross party lines and vote for the Republican Nominee for President in November 2012.

Harpootlian seems to forget that South Carolina those “Loser” Republicans won by  large majorities statewide and by a Landslide nationwide during the last election..  By calling Republicans Losers, he has attacked the majority of the electorate in South Carolina.

The Chairman of the S.C. Democratic Party, Dick Harpootlian, had the following statement for Perry’s visit and the newest video to come from the SCDP:

Media Credit: Brad Warthen

“Governor Perry’s visit to South Carolina showcases the latest in the parade of Republican losers to visit our state. While his positions have been more consistent than Mitt the Flip, he has been consistently wrong,” Harpootlian said.

“While President Obama has been focused on bringing our troops home from Iraq and making the country safe from terrorism by eliminating Osama bin Laden and Moammar Gaddafi, Rick Perry has been trotting out all the worn out and discredited economic policies of George W. Bush and wandering around the stage of the GOP debates like a punch drunk fighter. South Carolina needs a visit from Rick Perry like it needs another term of Mark Sanford or Nikki Haley. We have had enough.” (Source: SCDP)


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  1. A MESSAGE TO MR. HARPOOTLIAN:  How shameful you, Mr. Harpootlian,  are, as an Armenian, from an Armenian.  The losers are the Democrats that held control of the Senate and Congress, under the first two years of, in our opinion, a “loser” of a President!!!  NOOOO, not because of Pres. Bush. You seem to forget that the worst attack on this country occurred under the reign of Pres. Bush and it was his tactics that Obama used to be successful in the outcome of a demise of Osama bin Laden and Ghadaffi.  Count your blessings Mr. Harpootlian and do not, for an infinitissimal second, think that we, out here are stupid people, Oh, except for soooo many Democrats that continue to elect Morons that we, the American people, have had to financially support, i.e. Nancy Pelosi’s private plane!!!! Mr. Harpootlian, remember the Armenian genocide and pray that you are not a 2012 victim of such a genocide in your political demise.  Further, Mr Harpootlian, who was it, I did not hear you open your big mouth, re: Boeing being denied opening a plant in your back yard, because there are no unions in your back yard, and the Labor Relations Board denied the opening of such a plant. AMERICANS NEED JOBS!!! No written laws state that one must belong to a union first.!!!!!!!
    The Bogosians