Curt Anderson defended – Cain blames Anderson for Leak – politicians don't know when to shut up

A Soap Opera is right,  Those readers who want a candidate that is not political savvy should take note here.  A political candidate should know that a mouth is better shut then open in cases like this.  Folks in the political world have what is called Political Strategists or in bottom basement terms, Spin Doctors

Cains job is to Push 999 and let his operatives deal with the trash that gets thrown your way when you are the front runner.  The problem is, folks don;t understand how to deal with journalists who so desperately want a story.  The word beyond the message of the day is… I would refer you to XX who will give you the details on that issue, what is important is 999 and getting folks back to work.

But a new politician can’t resist taking on the media.. and this is where the problem comes.

Cain has already been given a pass three times on political Gaffs.  We see this as his final nail in the coffin.  We like Cain, but we knew he had one major problem… dealing with the media.  Honmestly, He doesn’t know when to shut up.

Talk about a soap opera.

Herman Cain is accusing his former adviser, Curt Anderson, of leaking the sexual harassment allegations to Politico. (Anderson’s firm, OnMessage Inc., was recently hired by Rick Perry.) Meanwhile, appearing on Fox News, Cain’s chief of staff Mark Block called on Team Perry to apologize for the leak.

Is this the smoking gun?

I asked Phillip Stutts to weigh in. Stutts has worked closely with Anderson in the past, but is not affiliated with any presidential campaign this cycle.

Here’s what he emailed me:

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